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Top 10 idols with the most expensive cars

Article: 'Celebrity cars top 10' supercars in the millions

= Foreign Cars =

1. Park Sang Min: Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0 Special Edition Purple (in the millions)

2. Bae Yong Joon: Maybach 62s ($780,000 USD)

3. Yang Hyun Suk: Maybach 62s ($780,000 USD)

4. Brave Brothers: Maybach 62s ($780,000 USD)

5. Lee Seung Chul: Maybach 57s ($690,000 USD)

6. Kim Jaejoong: Lamborghini Murcielago LP-640 ($500,000 USD)

7. Kim Junsu: Ferrari Italia ($380,000 USD)

8. Park Yoochun: Ferrari California ($350,000 USD)

9. Kwon Sang Woo: Ferrari California ($350,000 USD)

10. Jun Ji Hyun: Bentley Continental Flying Spur 6.0 ($285,000 USD)


= Domestic Cars =

1. Lee Seo Jin: K9 ($50,000~$85,000 USD)

2. Yoo Jae Suk: Hyundai Genesis Prada ($79,000 USD)

3. Yoo Ji Tae: New SM5 Platinum ($22,000~28,000 USD) + Gensis ($43,000~70,000 USD)


1. [+174, -8] Choosing to ride a foreign car is a personal decision but I hate the people that think they own the road just because they ride a foreign car.. They switch lanes whenever they want, ride up to your bumper.. Korea needs to change some laws around. Even when a foreign car is responsible for a car accident, the victim has to pay double just because it's a foreign car..

2. [+150, -16] Well, they bought it with the money they earned so it's not like we're in a position to say anything.. But I think any car in the $200,00~million range makes me feel a bit out of place..

3. [+126, -20] Definitely Yoo Jae Suk... Genesis is a good choice for that luxurious image at a fair price~

4. [+96, -87] Look at the cars of the three slave contracts..

5. [+39, -2] Look at the haters ㅋㅋㅋ Who cares what someone chooses to buy with the money they worked hard to earn? ㅋㅋㅋ Just admit that you're jealous, why don't you

6. [+34, -1] What's up with the people getting pissed off over stars buying what they want with money they earned? And they're able to buy things like that BECAUSE they were freed from their slave contracts. Those cars were all bought after they left 'that company'.

Source: netizenbuzz via Ilgan Sports via Nate

I thought Siwon would be on this list lol, well I don't know which car he owns but still xD
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