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Man accused of staging a car accident to kill his pregnant wife for insurance money

Article: 'Pregnant woman' death's car accident.. Staged by her husband for insurance money?

A couple got into a car accident that left his pregnant wife of four months dead. Upon investigation (through blackbox), it was found that the husband had swerved the car into a guardrail for no reason while going down a straight path, causing his pregnant wife to be thrown out of the car before eventually dying.

The blackbox also showed that while the wife was screaming in the middle of the swerve, the husband was unusually calm and quiet.

Police think that the fact that he sold his foreign car two months before to buy a used car before the accident occurred is suspicion enough for a staged murder for insurance money. The husband is currently eligible for hundreds of thousands in insurance.

The husband claimed that he swerved because he felt the back of the car begin to lift up.


1. [+365, -57] Even if what he claims is true, he's a complete ba$tard for swerving into the direction of his wife.

2. [+256, -29] What a complete ba$tard, to think that his mother gave birth to him and ate seaweed soup to celebrate his birth... What a complete fu*ker!!! His intent is so obvious... How could he stay calm when his wife was screaming for her life? Just go die..!!

3. [+220, -14] The investigations should definitely look into the matter further. It's suspicious how he traded his foreign car for a used car.. how he stayed quiet while his wife was screaming.. how he excuses himself saying he swerved because he felt the back of the car raising.. I pray she rests in peace.

4. [+40, -3] Even if this entire thing wasn't staged, how suspicious is it that the entire time his wife was screaming, he didn't even make a sound?? Not even a whoa~? How could he do that to his wife? To his child?

5. [+33, -1] How could someone hate someone bearing his own child to this point... How could someone choose money over their own blood? I hope that he suffers for the rest of his life..

Source: Netizenbuzz via No Cut News via Nate
Tags: accident, crime, death/funeral, wtf

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