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Guess Where Se7en Celebrates Valentine's Day?


YG artist Se7en has been spotted in Bacolod City, located in Central Philippines, together with his girlfriend Park Han-byul.

Although details about his visit to the Philippines are hard to verify, as all are based on various fan accounts (either eyewitness reports or otherwise), we do have photographic proof as shown in this post.

Here are some of the fan accounts about the couple's visit to the Philippines, posted on the Facebook page where it was first uploaded and on AllKPop forums:

* Park Han-byul visited her father, who is living in Bacolod and owns an English academy.
* The couple have (or had) been in the city since February 11. They are (or were) staying in L'Fisher Hotel.
* The original uploader of the photo claims that the couple visited the Mayor's office. That's the uploader's sister in the photo.
* No, TOP was not with them. It is just that the photo was first uploaded on a TOP fan page on Facebook. The photo has since been deleted, together with the fan accounts posted on the comments section, because "they don't credit me at all."

It is unclear whether the couple would come to Manila to watch PSY's concert on February 16th.

Source: Where the photo was originally uploaded, AllKPop Forums (1) (2), written by me

SMH that the uploader deleted the photo. I would have understood if the uploader said he/ she forgot to cover his/ her sister's face (I had to edit that), but no.
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