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[Rumor] SM to debut a new boy group this year?

"SM's Korean activities are just as active. SHINee's third album is scheduled for release on February 19th while five member female group f(x) is planning a comeback in 1Q13 (first quarter). EXO will be continuing to promote in Korea and China for the first half of the year, and a new artist is preparing for debut in the second half of the year."


"I heard about a new rookie group coming out... It's a girl group, right?"

- I heard it's a boy group. A girl group is scheduled for next year.

- The girl group is next year~~!

"What about Jino?"

"What if it's someone they pick from K-Pop Star?"

"The new artist has to be Jino... I don't think they'd put out a new girl group this early."

"They better give EXO a comeback before they put out the new group."

"So the new group this year will be a boy group?"

"I think the debut will be delayed... Last year, an article said EXO would be making their comeback in the winter but look how delayed it's been."

"EXO hasn't even gained footing yet and they're already putting out a new group?"

Source: Netizenbuzz via Instiz
Tags: rumour, sm entertainment

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