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Purplay’s agency addresses choreography plagiarism issue


Word has reached Korea about rookie group Purplay‘s alleged choreography plagiarism, and the group’s agency has finally addressed the issue.

To recap, the girl group unveiled a video teaser for their debut single “Love and Remember“, only to gain criticism from overseas fans who recognized the choreography sequences to be originally from America’s Best Dance Crew‘s former champions, I.aM.mE.

The I.aM.mE crew members also expressed their frustration through Twitter as well as on Purplay’s YouTube channel, asking to be at least credited and acknowledged, stating that the entire dubstep segment was actually theirs.

If you recently checked, the description for the full music video has been updated to include that the I.aM.mE crew worked with Purplay to create the choreography. Fans have taken notice, and have been wondering what led to the change.

Well it turns out, the word has spread to Korea, and Purplay’s agency was contacted for a statement. The agency commented, “After hearing netizens point out this matter, we are in the process of taking the appropriate steps to resolve [the issue].”

Source: Allkpop, Sports Seoul
Tags: nugu, plagiarism

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