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Nine Muses' Minha has legs for days, netizens take notice


On February 7, a photo was uploaded on Nine Muses‘ official twitter with a message, “A special behind the scenes cut of Minha. This is an unedited photo, yet her body still looks perfect. We plan to release more images soon so be ready!”

In the picture is Minha standing tall and showing off her profile. Minha is wearing a beautiful white mini-dress and a matching pair of high heels. Despite the fact that this picture has not been photoshopped, Minha’s body looks perfect just the way it is. With her long arms and legs, it is no wonder that she is called a “Model-dol.”

Netizens that saw this photo admired, “Her side profile looks shockingly gorgeous,” “I have never seen such a perfect body,” “No wonder she is called ‘Model-dol.’”

Meanwhile, the group Nine Muses is currently promoting its new song “Dolls.”

Tags: eye candy, nine muses

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