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Attacks on 7 year old Park Min Ha continue online

Looks like you really didn't need to look as far as an anti cafe to find hateful comments about a 7 year old...


Pann: A 7 year old who doesn't seem like a 7 year old, Park Min Ha

1. [+981, -124] Please take an interest in me.

Please love me.

I'll look pretty if I do this, right?

Will you think I'm cute if I act like this?

It's so obvious that her every move is calculated to elicit a response from us...

2. [+845, -42] How can you accuse a child of not seeming like a child... Don't hurt a young kid with comments like this and ask her parents to wake up.

3. [+845, -42] Min Ha shouldn't be the one getting all the hate, it should be her father Park Chan Min ㅡㅡ What would a young kid know? Judging from what her father's said on TV, he's always pressuring her to make money, saying that she's the breadwinner and that if she doesn't bring home any money, her sister won't be able to continue her tennis lessons. How ridiculous ㅋ Obviously all this pressure will make Min Ha want to make money... I searched up on the matter further and he seriously treats Min Ha like a slave, it's to the point of child abuse... I really feel bad for the children growing up under parents like that.

4. [+103, -0] I think she's just an example of how parents can screw up their kids... From what I heard on Strong Heart, the father said that the family basically lives off of the money Min Ha makes while her sister trains for some tennis competition. Shin Dong Yub even asked Min Ha if she knew where her money was being used and she did... So of course she won't be like your average 7 year olds... I just feel bad for her.

5. [+69, -22] She's just too much like a sly fox. It's like she knows how she needs to act to get attention. On Happy Together, she looked so desperate for camera time, like she knew that there was a set amount of footage you needed to get on the air. If Park Chan Min continues to prefer his eldest over her, it's just going to mess up their relationship even further. And honestly, Min Ha is only pretty because she's young... She won't be that pretty once she gets older.

6. [+33, -5] She's honestly ugly compared to other child actresses. Just because people say she's pretty, she thinks she's really pretty or something when she's just a little bit cute. I wonder if she'll catch the celebrity disease someday... her parents need a reality check.

7. [+32, -4] She turns me off so bad because she doesn't act like a child at all.. I got goose bumps watching her on Happy Together. It's like there are 500 snakes writhing inside of that little 7 year old body of hers..

8. [+30, -0] Park Chan Min is the one that made Min Ha like that

Source: Netizenbuzz
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