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Actress Han Chae Young reveals she told After School’s UEE not to diet


On February 16th’s ‘Entertainment Relay‘, Han Chae Young revealed that she told After School‘s UEE not to diet.

The actress appeared on the show’s ‘Guerilla Date‘ segment and revealed her text message to the idol star. When comparisons between Han Chae Young, who is known as the “Korean Barbie”, and UEE came up, Han Chae Young commented, “UEE’s body is better than mine.”

She continued, “One time, I sent UEE a text message telling her not to lose weight. I think that rather than being too skinny, there should be a natural appeal. I advised her that she should eat and maintain her weight.”

In other news, Han Chae Young is currently starring in KBS2TV‘s ‘Advertisement Genius Lee Tae Baek‘.

Source: Allkpop
Tags: body image, han chae young, uee

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