crap bag. (jeit91) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
crap bag.

Nine Muses being wacky in their waiting room post!


Nine Muses revealed a picture of the members resting in their waiting room.

On February 16th, Nine Muses tweeted, “Revealing Nine Muses’ waiting room at ‘Music Core‘! Nine Muses who became corpses from the busy schedule!! Sharing a little fun for Mine guys ^^~ ” along with the above photo.

The picture showed Nine Muses members spread out in the waiting room resting in different poses. They didn’t fail to flaunt their long legs in their outfits and poses.

Eunji(Hyemi) especially stood out by reaching the wall with her long legs despite being on the ground.


looks, talent, and a fun personality, geez they are the whole package. ^^v
Tags: nine muses

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