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THIS IS A MISS A SUPER MEGA POST (with Singapore showcase content )

miss A‘s Fei updated fans from Singapore.

Before going to bed on the 15th, the singer updated her Weibo, writing, “Good night. Singapore, ‘Say A’! See you tomorrow at the showcase ^^.”

Fei also attached a beautiful close-up selca of herself without makeup, showing off her flawless complexion.

Upon seeing her post, fans and netizens responded, “Fei’s a goddess“, “Good night to you, too!“, “She seems to have gotten prettier“, and more.

Meanwhile, miss A will be meeting with fans in Singapore on the 16th for ‘miss A Independent Showcase in Singapore 2013‘.
» allkpop » fei's weibo

On the February 15th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Section TV‘, miss A‘s Suzy shared her thoughts on being ‘the nation’s first love‘.

When asked, “What are your thoughts on your nickname as the ‘the nation’s first love’?”, Suzy revealed, “As much as I enjoy it, there is a lot of pressure that comes with it. It seems it would be inappropriate for me to wear bold makeup and dye my hair”, revealing the things she can’t do because of her image as ‘the nation’s first love’.

Suzy also suggested another nickname she would like to be called by in the new year and shared, “I think being called ‘the nation’s happy virus’ would be nice.”
» allkpop » 지 약@youtube

miss A‘s Suzy discussed her ideal type on the February 15th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Section TV Entertainment Relay‘.

When asked whether she knew about actor Jung Woo Sung mentioning her as an upcoming actress he has his eyes on, she responded, “I saw the program. I was really thankful,” expressing her gratitude.

On the topic of Suzy’s own ideal type, Ian Somerhalder, she stated, “Of course, I like Jung Woo Sung more. I like that his gaze says something.” Suzy also revealed she felt pressured by being labeled as “the nation’s first love.”
» allkpop

2PM will be releasing their 2nd Japanese album ‘Legend of 2PM‘ on February 13 and miss A‘s Min and Fei showed support for their labelmates.

Earlier today, Min tweeted a photo of herself in a studio, posing with her own copy of ‘Legend of 2PM‘. She wrote,

Fei offered a hint at what the ladies were doing when she replied to Min and said, “It’s been a while. We met at the recording studio because of the Singapore showcase^^ I’m going to follow you! keke. 2PM, daebak! miss A Singapore showcase daebak^^“. Fei also uploaded a photo of herself posing with her own copy of ‘Legend of 2PM’.

» allkpop » min's twitter » fei's twitter

On KBS 2TV‘s Lunar New Year Special ‘Beauty and the Beast‘, 2AM‘s Jo Kwon and miss A‘s Min joined forces as the representative ‘Kkab’ couple for a special stage!

Label mates Jo Kwon and Min are well known for their hilarious over the top ‘Kkab’ dances and made viewers laugh off of their seats once again with their powerful, sexy, but hilarious dance along to Nicki Minaj‘s “Pound the Alarm“.
» allkpop » eunmi2808@youtube

miss A‘s Jia thanked her fans for the birthday presents she received.

Jia recently took to Twitter to share a photo of herself decked out in presents her fans gave her. She also wrote,

She also posed with the letters that her fans wrote, writing,

Jia will turn 24 on February 3rd, and her fans seem to have gifted her a bit early.
» allkpop » jia' twitter

K-Pop girl group Miss A is endearing, relatable and multilingual at the press conference.

With hits like “Good Bye Baby”, “Bad Girl Good Girl” and “I Don’t Need a Man” and the title of their latest EP “Independent Women Part III”, it would seem like Korean-Chinese girl group Miss A are all about girl power.

At the press conference held at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel this morning however, the girls were as down-to-earth and affable, much like your typical girl-next-door - but with a lot more style and sass.

The quartet, made up of Fei, Jia, Min and Suzy, are in Singapore for a mini concert, The Independent Showcase, which will take place tomorrow, February 16, 7pm at The Star Performing Arts Centre.

“Each of us will have our own solos at the showcase, and these are performances that we will be showing to fans for the first time. Also, these won’t be our own songs but covers of other songs. We hope fans will like it,” says Jia on what to expect for their concert.

And no, she says, there’s won’t be anything too provocative, after all, the dance moves were choreographed before Suzy entered adulthood. She turns 19 this year.

On love, romantic dates and needing a man
When quizzed about the title of their latest hit, “I Don’t Need a Man”, and if that statement is a reflection of reality, Min said in perfect English: “I don’t consider myself a feminist, and I definitely need a man. In fact we all do, because in the future we all want to get married and have kids, so how can you do that without a man?”

The topic of love came up frequently, and Min expressed that the one thing she wants in a man would be a good heart, while Fei and Jia were more vague, both expressing that they wanted a man they can really talk to and connect with. Suzy, the youngest member of the group, said emphatically that her ideal man would be one who had similar interests to her so they could do plenty of things together.

Suzy surprised everyone later with her seemingly cheeky statement that her idea of a dream date was “taking a chocolate bath”- a comment that got the rest of the members oohing - but she quickly clarified that she would take this decadent bath alone or “with my puppy”, and subsequently teased that if she had a boyfriend, taking that bath together might be a possibility.

On their different fashion styles
Fei says she leans towards simple clothing paired with a pop of colour, either with a pair of brightly coloured shoes or a bag. Jia, on the other hand, prefers bold, printed outfits and plenty of accessories, much like the floral blazer and black romper she was wearing. Min barely had a chance to answer before Jia jumped in and claimed Min’s style is “mix & match” saying that Min likes to go crazy with her outfits and that they like to snap photos of Min in her daily outfits. Suzy, like Fei, also prefers to keep things simple.

Multilingual girls
Min attempted speaking Chinese, and managed to say “Hello Singapore fans, I love you all!”, while Suzy spoke a few key phrases in Mandarin such as, “The weather in Singapore is very hot and it rained yesterday”, “I am very happy to meet Singaporean fans” and “I love you all!”. Kudos to their never say die spirit!
» herworldplus

» n3ssachanWG@youtube » n3ssachanWG@youtube »

After more than a year since the girls set foot on our shores, Miss A was finally back to meet Singapore Say As! Apart from the showcase which was held on the 16th, Armani Exchange also organized a Meet and Greet session in their store at Orchard Ion. Prior to the Meet and Greet on the 15th, Armani Exchange presented Meet and Greet passes to fans who spent $200 at their store.

In addition, MissAnews also gave out Meet and Greet passes to 6 lucky Say As. An hour before the event started, say As who did not manage to acquire the Meet and Greet passes crowded outside the store to get a glimpse of Miss A. The DJ started spinning some cool music which created an upbeat environment. Food and drinks were served for the guests. The emcees, Rozz and Divian, did a great job of hyping up the crowd by conducting quizzes and giveaways of Armani tote bags and autographed T-shirts!

At 7.08 pm, Miss A arrived in glamorous outfits which showcased their fashion styles. They definitely did not disappoint Say As whom were always looking forward to miss A’s fashion style.

60 fans with Meet and Greet Pass had a chance to snap a photo with miss A. Miss A was all smiles and grateful for say A who was there to see them. Say A took this opportunity to create as much memories with miss A as they could.

After the phototaking session, Miss A sat down to rest and started to interact with the fans. They also ate the refreshments kindly provided by the A|X, and even danced to the DJ’s music! Min took a video of the fans who were present, and Suzy was playing with balloons while posing for photos. Fei was seen enjoying herself by dancing to the beat of the fans’ cheers of “miss A! miss A!”, while Jia was busy responding to fans’ requests for her undivided attention. The event ended on a high and happy note and fans enjoyed themselves through out the event.
» missanews

Ma Style:

If I Were A Boy:



Good Bye Baby:

Times Up:

(this one is extra cute by how much fun the gils are having and random gangnam style dance)

Bad Girl Good Girl:

» wellhellotherefany@youtube » BLINGBLING DINOO@youtube » hhuddaa@youtube » KyuRynSG@youtube » BLINGBLING DINOO@youtube » Lana Lang@youtube » hhuddaa@youtube » wellhellotherefany@youtube » jeanetterr@youtube » xm3i@youtube » hhuddaa@youtube » wellhellotherefany@youtube » rubikq83rd@youtube

Fan interaction:

Jia's birthday celebration:


» hhuddaa@youtube » hhuddaa@youtube » wellhellotherefany@youtube » wellhellotherefany@youtube » wellhellotherefany@youtube » wellhellotherefany@youtube

For this showcase all the girls performed brand new solo stages (well, everyone but Min, but hers is pretty new as well, as this is the second time she performs it).

Empress Wang Fei Fei performed Taylor Swift's I Knew You Were Trouble, making Swift wish that she was as fabulous, talented and gorgeous as Fei:

Our heartthrob Meng Jia oppar performed Justin Bieber's As Long As You Love Me, showing everyone that she has way more swag than the Bieber and could even get Selena if she wanted to:

The dancing machine and kkab queen Lee Min Young made it shine with her dance routine, proving once again why she is one of the best dancers and overall performers in kpop:

Say A's 4D maknae, and the nation's first love, Bae Suzy for the first time presented us with a dance stage, performing Beyonce's Yes and the (what I believe to be) Pussycat Dolls version of Tainted Love,ditching her usual ballad solo:

» BLINGBLING DINOO@youtube » hhuddaa@youtube » BLINGBLING DINOO@youtube » wellhellotherefany@youtube » WAYNEEEkey@youtube » hhuddaa@youtube » wellhellotherefany@youtube » hhuddaa@youtube » wellhellotherefany@youtube » hhuddaa@youtube » wellhellotherefany@youtube
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