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Netizens comment on 2YOON making waves all the way to TIME Magazine

Article: 2YOON's interview with Time magazine featured on the main page 'first for a K-Pop girl group'

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+214, -50] But honestly, you gotta admit that K-Pop is just one big bubble...

2. [+262, -166] I honestly like 2YOON's song way better than SISTAR19's

3. [+159, -63] ??????? Huh?

Article: American 'Time' 2YOON interview featured on main page 'spotlight'

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+231, -15] Yeah, I like this concept better than sexy concepts. 2YOON fighting.

2. [+209, -16] I always felt bad for them for being in Hyuna's shadow so I hope they succeed

3. [+186, -20] I don't know much about music but I hope we get another daebak like Psy soon ^^

4. [+157, -10] Wishing the best for all of our Korean artists

5. [+160, -18] You gotta watch 2YOON's choreography when you watch their stage ㅡㅡ Idols will usually stop dancing when it's their turn to sing in case they crack their voice but 2YOON's jumping around and their live is still stable ㅡㅡ Talented idols for sure

6. [+151, -16] I hope that 2YOON doesn't try to strip down and win with sexiness like SI***19 and just continue pushing forward with their own charms. Don't resort to wearing cheap clothes, just keep going like this and they'll do fine.

7. [+162, -39] Better than SISTAR who puts on a naked show practically

8. [+128, -10] Anything's great as long as it puts our country on the map

first korean girl group to get an official vevo, first korean song to get named on SPIN magazine's top song of the year, first korean girl group to get a second wave of praise from SPIN magazine and now the first korean girl group to get a special interview and main featuring on TIME... slayminute wow

SOURCES | TIME, Nate (1 & 2), NetizenBuzz
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