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Song Joong Ki Mega Post

Song Joong Ki Signs a New Contract with a New Agency

Song Joong Ki signed a new contract with a new agency yet managed to keep the faith with his staff.

On February 4, Blossom Entertainment announced through a press release that it had signed a new exclusive contract with Song Joong Ki in February.

Blossom Entertainment holds Cha Tae Hyun, Go Chang Seok, Han Sang Jin, Song Jong Ho, Shin Seung Hwan, Lee Kwang Hoon, Park Bo Gum and more.

Song Joong Ki wasn′t the only one who joined the Blossom Entertainment crew; he also brought his manager, CEO Kim Jung Yong with him. The two have worked together since Song Joong Ki′s days with Sidus HQ.

Song Joong Ki will also be joined with more of his previous co-workers, as Blossom Entertainment rep Joo Bang Ok and its many other managers were previously signed with Sidus HQ, and have known Song Joong Ki since his debut.

Blossom Entertainment stated, "Song Joong Ki has always treated the people around him the same way, thinking highly of the ties he made in the beginnings of his career. He′s still close with the managers and actors - such as Cha Tae Hyun - that he got to know back then. We cannot find any trace of the arrogance often found in successful stars, as he listens to the advice that others have to give. He′s smart and modest, and we believe he will be a long-lasting actor."

Song Joong Ki voiced his thanks toward his former agency.

"Sidus HQ helped build up the foundation on which I started acting, and I learned and gained a lot from my time there," he said. "Those times are precious to me. I was thankful that the head of the agency, as well as those who worked hard for me all this time, showed their support for me in my departure. I will be starting off the year of 2013 with Blossom Entertainment, and I will aim to return with a good piece. I hope to see your support."

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Song Joong Ki gifts his manager with a new car

Actor Song Joong Ki proved that he’s a “nice guy” as he recently gifted his long-time manager with a brand new car.

It has been revealed that the actor expressed his gratitude to his manager by surprising him with a brand new sedan from a luxury automobile brand. Song Joong Ki and his manager have worked side-by-side since the actor’s debut and budding career in SidusHQ and his new agency BLOSSOM Entertainment.

Song Joong Ki is undeniably one of the top actors of this past year with through his roles in the hit productions ‘Wolf Boy‘ and ‘Nice Guy‘.

Source: allkpop

Song Joong Ki reveals his childhood dreams

Actor Song Joong Ki revealed his childhood dreams.

On the February 9th episode of ‘Entertainment Relay‘, the crew visited Song Joong Ki at a photo shoot set. The topic of his childhood dream came up, and he answered, “I wanted to be a diplomat, and there were times I thought about working at a broadcast station. In elementary school, I wrote that I wanted to be an actor. My elementary school dream came true.”

He also discussed his college days, saying, “I bought a lot of alcohol and food for my hoobaes. It’s because I received a lot from my sunbaes.”

In other news, Song Joong Ki signed an exclusive contract with Blossom Entertainment, which also houses actor Cha Tae Hyun, this month. He’s currently taking a break after ‘Nice Guy‘ and considering future projects.

Source: allkpop

Samsung Galaxy Pop Commercial

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All I have to say is I am happy as long as he is. I knew he wouldn't renew his contract with SidusHQ so no surprise about his change of agency.
xblackchristmas 18th-Feb-2013 09:58 am (UTC)
smart man. rich man. deep voice. adorable yet mid-20s. oy
lysblack 18th-Feb-2013 01:16 pm (UTC)
OP why aren't you surprised that he changed companies?

i love him and the fact that he seems very loyal and down to earth!

and hey, he is also endorsing galaxy pop! i didn't know that, i saw suzy's cf for it not long ago.
joong_ki 19th-Feb-2013 02:02 am (UTC)
While Sidus is good at making their actors famous, they are not necessarily good at keeping them. I also had the feeling since last year that he was just waiting for his contract to end. Most of the people that he started with are no longer in the company and I feel like Sidus is a lot less attentive and considerate. For example, he has already mentioned multiple times that he does not like singing yet they made him attend the MAMA Awards and perform even though the Blue Dragon Awards were also going on.
lysblack 19th-Feb-2013 02:05 am (UTC)
ohoo, i see!

thank you!
asth77 18th-Feb-2013 05:20 pm (UTC)
aw I liked him in Sidus. They managed his career well I think so?
He's so popular and he's still in his mid-20s.
Perhap's more $$$$$$$$ with Blossom...
Still glad to see him in the same agency as Tae Hyun oppa.
anyway, good luck to him.
baboboy 19th-Feb-2013 12:38 am (UTC)
Song Joong Ki gifts his manager with a new car
oh god I read that as song joongki hits his manager with his new car and I freaked out.

I knew he would move to another agency but I definitely didn't think he would sign with blossom, oh well good luck :)
joong_ki 19th-Feb-2013 02:05 am (UTC)
My oppa would never! He is too perfect...I hope he is a good driver...Lol.

I found it unexpected too, I thought he would sign with a different company. I do not know much about Blossom though so I cannot judge whether it was a good move or not.
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