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Article: 'Evil adult neighbors' sexually assault mentally retarded sisters, 4-6 year jail sentence

Source: Yonhap News via Nate

Four adults (ages 50~60) were given prison sentences ranging from 4-6 years for the sexual assault of two sisters in their teens and 20s. One other neighbor who had attempted to rape the eldest sister but failed was given probation.

They had become friends with the parents for the sole purpose of gaining access to their house to abuse the sisters. Mentally, the sisters are at the level of a 4~7 year old, and the assaulters abused the fact that they are not proficient in language enough to explain to their parents what was happening.


A had started by touching the breasts of the youngest daughter, which went unnoticed by the parents. He took it a step further by following the eldest daughter home one summer day and sexually assaulting her.

Another told the parents that they wanted to invite the daughters over to his house for dinner, which ended in the sexual assault of the eldest.

Another called the parents out to treat them at a restaurant while the other sexually assaulted the sisters at home.

Another used the tactic of going over to the sisters' house and asking one of them to go back to his home to fetch a medicine he had accidentally left behind. He'd follow her back home and assault her there.

They were charged for the "quasi-rape of the mentally challenged".

"4-6 years... I don't even know what to say because I'm just so stunned.."

"Disgusting beings... Aren't you scared of the heavens?"

"'Evil adult neighbors'??? Change the title to 'Evil adult neighbors and the judges'... How does it make any sense at all that the people who sexually abused the mentally challenged were only given prison sentences of 4-6 years??? There's clearly something wrong with the judge himself."

"Isn't it time to change the law now...? Please increase the sentence..."

"4-6 years??? Only 4-6 years for these evil criminals who manipulated the weak for their own sexual needs?? What are you going to do about the wounds these kids are suffering from? The ripping pain in the hearts of their parents? It wouldn't be enough to rip them to shreds and yet only 4-6 years? The law is more disgusting than the case!"

"The neighbors aren't the only evil adults here... Clearly the judges are just as evil."

"Not adults, animals."

"The food that will be fed to them in jail is a waste. Just kill them off."

"Probation??? When will there ever be a real punishment?"

"If I had been their father, I wouldn't have reported them to the police... I would've killed them all with my own hands."


Source: Netizenbuzz, Nate

They were proven guilty and this is all they get? They should've been jailed forever!!!!

I hope the new president would do something about this. Clearly, the law should be revised.

This just makes me remember the movie Dogani... I had a hard time sleeping for days when I watched it.
Tags: crime, sexual harassment / sexual assault, trigger warning, wtf

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