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MR.MR covers 'So Sick' +Changjae goes to Dream Team & more

They covered it more recently on Feb 9th, but I prefer Ryu's adlibs in this older version so that's the one I'm posting.

Short A cappella


At Music Bank we (Tiny G) took a picture together with MR.MR as a group. MR.MR’s Highway should have a lot of success!!!

MR.MR members are now? in the middle of the valentine meeting chatting event! Move to the Daum Fancafe right away!

Jin & Tey - At Music Bank with the packed lunch sent by fans nyam nyam. We ate well! Today watch MR.MR on the live broadcast!

MR.MR Ryu is also eating the packed lunch nyam nyam!

MR.MR Changjae & Doyeon are also in the middle of eating the packed lunch~

MR.MR members with a dancer

In the deep night~~ This is Tey. Good night everyone. My dreams/Come out in my dreams♥

Salute to MISOs! Here is MR.MR Leader Jin’s morning greeting! :)

This tweet was followed by these articles:
MR.MR Jin, Army-Completed-dol confirmation “9th Infantry Division·reserve forces every year for 3 years”
MR.MR Jin Army-completed-dol confirmation shot “9th Infantry Division artillery service”
MR.MR Jin, ‘Angle-seized military salute’ army-completed-dol confirmation
“With the intention of becoming a singer, I went to the army first and came back”

The 9th Infantry Division is quite famous historically but I don't really know what kind of reputation it has now. Based on the article titles, it seems pretty impressive.

For the MISOs who came to cheer even from a long distance, thank you! As expected, you’re the best! This is MR.MR’s Changjae who swam his best for Dream Team!
(The pictures you might be imagining came from that are here)

MR.MR is now? in the middle of Economy Today ‘Today’s Intuition’ interview!


source: Real_Tiny_G, thenmMRMR, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, MR.MR Daum Cafe, MyDaily via Naver News

Just to finish off: watch this really cute fancam! (ps can I have a MR.MR tag? pretty pretty please w/sugar on top?)
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