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2PM for Hanako Magazine~


Name: Jun. K
Born 1988, January 15. Blood type A. 180cm. Made his musical debut this spring in "The Three Musketeers" as the character D'Artagnan.

"In the hotel, I'd think about all kinds of things, about family, about 2PM, about the production of my next song, and things like when I'll get married (laughs)"


My musings tonight turn into the moon
Flickering amongst the clouds, and then in search of you

They see you through a fog
Outside a window, looking on
Using all of me to shine brightly on you

You don't seem to know
I'm painting your shadow now

To be able to pass through you so easily
I admire that gust of wind
Unknowingly your perfume lingers in the air
I savour it bit by bit

Even until now, you don't seem to know
How your perfume makes my heart race

If one day in the darkness
Your heart needs a place to lean on
You can come and rest by my side for a while

I want to always be in this darkness
Shining like a moonbeam onto you
Today I will use the white beam of light in my heart
To shine on you and guide you

The above are lyrics written by Jun. K

[Wanting to create music that everyone can enjoy in Japan]

-- Do you have any quotes for a happier life?

  • "Let's say there's a door in front of you. If you open it within 4 seconds, good things will happen to you. 4, 3, 2, 1. But then you just wait for the door to open - it's cunning, right? But I want to have a happy day too."

-- Please tell us the secret to have a kind heart.

  • "Firstly, the mind is the most important! We must have a heart that is grateful for all that is around us. Who I am today, is even grateful for the cup of water in front of me."

-- Right now, what are you obsessed with?

  • "Composing. Like, what style of songs to compose."

-- It's always music at any time of the day.

  • "Music is always around me. Life is music."

-- When composing, when do you feel like you're soaring the highest?

  • "When a tune pops into my head and I record the melody, then when I hear it again in the car. Also when I am able to make music by myself. When my songs are released, and when my songs are loved. These moments are endless! (laughs)"

-- When do you feel is the happiest moment when all 6 of you are together?

  • "I always feel happy. The longer I spend with them, the more this feeling is impressed upon me."

-- What is 2PM's goal with music?

  • "I hope that our music will be accepted by the people in Japan. No matter who listens to it, that they will say this song is nice. I want to make music that everyone likes."


Name: Nichkhun
Born 1988, June 24. Blood type O. 180cm. Starred in Thai movie "Seven Something" last year, making a lively actor. "The opportunities for acting now are not a lot, next time I would like to take on many different types of characters."

[When I feel like I have no courage, there's always the 5 of them behind me supporting me.]

-- After a performance, what do you think about?

  • "I would self-reflect upon that day, and I'll think about what to do to make fans happier."

-- What advice do you have to lead a happier life?

  • "Nothing special. I feel that if I work hard, everything will become better in my life. But sometimes my mood reflects the weather. When the weather is fine and cooling, my mood will naturally be really good."

-- Please introduce your first self-composition "Let It Rain".

  • "This song was made thinking of the fans. I've always wanted to express my thanks, but never found the right opportunity. This song was made to express all my gratitude."

-- What critique do you have about your own singing?

  • "I don't have much confidence. I still am lacking in a lot of areas."

-- From Nichkhun-san's point of view, how is Tokyo?

  • "I feel very comfortable here. It's a place that makes people feel very relaxed."

-- What are the members to you?

  • "They are both my good friends, as well as my good competitors. When I don't have courage, and feel like I can't make it, they'll be there saying, 'Nichkhun, just give it a try.' Because of the support the 5 of them give me, I am able to make it. To make them who supported me proud of me, this has become my motivation.

-- Will you compose again?

  • "I want to continue. Actually, I've always been envious of Jun. K and Junho. Their compositions were able to be sung by all 6 of us, and also received lots of love from the fans."


Name: Taecyeon
Born 1988, December 27th. Blood type AB. 185cm. Started composing last year. In LEGEND OF 2PM Version B's solo track CD is included his self-composition Kimi Dakeni. "I've composed roughly 20 songs so far, but I also have times where I can't think of any tune at all."

[The future is not written by fate, but is created by myself.]

-- Last year, why did you keep changing your hairstyle?

  • "Because the fans' reactions were funny (laughs)."

-- When are the happiest times when the 6 of you are together.

  • "We're always happy. Because the 6 of us are always together, so I especially cherish my alone time."

-- When you're alone in your room, what do you think about?

  • "Usually I think about our performances. When I really want to relax, I don't think of anything at all."

-- Why don't you believe in fate?

  • "Because I feel that the future is made by myself. That's my answer."

-- "You don't believe in destiny either?"

  • "I guess people believe in destined romantic encounters… Maybe if I fall passionately in love because of something like that, I'll believe in it (laughs)."

-- Please discuss the future 2PM.

  • "We've always tried to do our best. The teamwork between the 6 of us is at its best so far. From the time we debut until now, we've experienced lots of good times, but also lots of bad times. It's thanks to everyone that we managed to pull through till now."

-- Cycling by yourself in Seoul makes one feel very independent and free. Do you have a strong desire for freedom?

  • "Rather than freedom, I don't have any wish to maintain the secrecy of being a celebrity, nor do I want to have any pretenses. I'm a normal person like everyone else."


Name: Wooyoung
Born 1989, April 30th. Blood type B. 178cm. Last year made a solo debut in Korea with "Sexy Lady" (included in LEGEND OF 2PM Version B). He seems to also have started composing. "In reality, it's actually very difficult to compose a song, and I constantly lose confidence in myself. But if I continue, I believe I will be able to feel accomplished, because I am able to improve slowly."

-- What are you most unique in?

  • "I feel that the passion, my desire to create the best stage, and the feeling of not wanting to lose to myself. Rather than say that I want to have an extraordinary life, I would rather have a simple and relaxed one. I want to work hard, and see how high I can take myself."

-- How about taking care of kids?

  • "I'm good at that. I have a lot of younger cousins, so at every New Year or Chuseok, it's always me taking care of them."

-- From Wooyoung-san's point of view, how is Tokyo?

  • "There're are lot of delicious food and interesting places. I'm getting very familiar with a lot of places. It's also a place that I can relax in like Korea."

-- What is your goal from now?

  • "I want to express my own story through music. I want to use my own style of expression."

T/N: Because the scans for Wooyoung's interview was not clear, a lot of questions are missing or incomplete.


Name: Junho
Born 1990, January 25th. Blood type A. 178cm. Making this big-screen debut this year with movie "Stakeout". Also participated in the production of songs, like "This Is Love" in LEGEND OF 2PM. "This is the type of song you would want to put to the highest volume when driving around."

[Always wanting to clearly see everyone's expressions]

-- Junho gives off a very matured manly aura.

  • "Really? That makes me happy."

-- What makes you different?

  • "I don't think there's anything special. But from some period onwards, I started to realize that everything around me is precious. Maybe it's because of that.

-- Do you have any advice for a happier life?

  • "When I leave the house in the morning if I am able to wear my shoes at one go, my mood will be happier. (laughs)"

-- How do you usually spend your holidays?

  • "I actually just want to walk casually on the streets, but regrettably I haven't been able to achieve that. Other than that, I like to relax on the rooftop."

-- What are you obsessed with now?

  • "Composing. I want to be someone who can use the guitar or piano to express his emotions, and to make songs that paint my state of being."

-- The look that you give audiences when you are on stage leaves a deep impression.

  • "I don't want to miss out any fan. Whatever kind of happiness and joy they are experiencing, I want to see what kind of expressions they have. Also I want to see who their biases are. Ha ha. Just kidding. (laughs)"

-- In April, you will be having a concert in Tokyo Dome, it's an unprecedented large stage. Do you feel nervous?

  • "Absolutely not! To be able to share that sort of experience with everyone makes me happy. To be surrounded by that scale of audience cheers, I think we will be speechless with emotions. Please look forward to it!"


Name: Chansung
Born 1990, February 11. Blood type B. 184cm. Currently starring in drama "Level 7 Civil Servant" as the genius secret agent Gong Doha. Spends everyday either busy filming or performing in concerts. "But after seeing the fans who've waited for us for so long, I will forget my fatigue."

[There is something to learn from everything.]

-- Do you have any advice for a happier life?

  • "Not really, I've always had a happy and optimistic personality. Other than that, I feel that there is something to learn from everything. I also have a habit of turning bad memories into good ones."

-- With that kind of habit, you don't have to be afraid of anything.

  • "Also, you just need to keep smiling, so you'll be able to spend every day happily."

-- When do you feel is the happiest when the 6 of you are together.

  • "I always feel that way. Because whenever we are together, the sad and unhappy things will be gone by half. The happy things will be multiplied. There's a synergistic feel when the 6 of us are together."

-- You are someone who works hard seriously, but also can display a sexy side on stage. Which one is the real Chansung?

  • "Hahaha. They're all me! But from now on, I also want to show everyone a different side. Should I just seal up my sexy side from now on? (laughs)"

-- When do you feel most at home in Japan?

  • "When I'm eating food, snacks or fruits. Also when fans send us gifts!"

-- How do you spend every night in the hotel?

  • "I'll think about some happy memories, and also reflect on what I am lacking."


Translations: PiLe, DongDong, MoMo, YangYang @ 2PM Baidu Bar (jpn > chi) dimesaur@2ONEDAY.com (chi > eng)
Scans: neru
Tags: 2pm, chansung, jun.k, lee junho, magazine, nichkhun, photoshoot, taecyeon, wooyoung

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