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YG receives backlash for Supearls contract terminations


Article: [Exclusive] YG Yang Hyun Suk "There is no more Supearls" Contract termination confirmed

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+558, -111] SM was criticized for not taking in any trainee in season one but now I see that it was the better choice. Out of all the agencies in Korea, these three are the most overflowing with trainees and the market is already oversaturated with new rookie debuts. The real criticism should've been directed at the companies that did take in trainees when they really didn't need to.
At least when the show was over, the contestants that weren't chosen got to join another agency while the spotlight was still on them. How unfair is it that YG took Supearls when they were the most popular with the public, hid them away, and then canceled their contracts now? What do they expect them to do?
If K-Pop Star expects longevity, the three companies need to give freedom to the contestants to choose as they please. These auditions only look for pearls or the cream of the crop when they should be looking for those talents in their individual company auditions, NOT on an audition show. Their greed is what has led to this situation


2. [+662, -221] How irresponsible and selfish of them, shouldn't have even contracted the girls in the first place

3. [+618, -207] Looks like now that Lee Hi is doing well, he doesn't give a crap about the others and is just cutting them off

4. [+149, -23] DIdn't we all expect this? Lee Hi succeeded as a solo, Park Ji Min's with JYP, and Lee Michelle already has rumors of discord. What can the two do? No choice but to disband.

5. [+138, -21] From now on, YG better not dare to call themselves a family. People are always saying SM's the best, or how JYP only considers himself the best, but there has not been one person in SM that they threw away themselves other than the kids that walked out with their own two feet. They always made sure to release an album for Trax no matter how poorly they did. YG should've been like K-Pop Star and chose no one if they weren't confident enough to do their best for them. Or at least be like JYP and put out an album no matter whether the album fails or succeeds. Do they think this is some kind of joke that they can play with the future of children? They are basically throwing away a piece of gum that they chewed up.


Article: YG "Aside from Lee Hi, all of Supearls have had their contracts terminated"

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+347, -48] He shouldn't have taken them in the first place if this is what he was going to do. He should've let them go as soon as possible the longer he delayed their debut. I hope another company picks them up fast.

2. [+382, -93] Contract termination? More like kicking them to the curb. He acts as if he's doing them such a big favor by letting them go without any clauses, but does he think we're idiots???

3. [+296, -91] Better than keeping them under a slave contract without any hope, I suppose

4. [+68, -18] Terminating their contracts isn't the issue here. Shouldn't YG be compensating the girls for tying them down and not debuting them? Had it not been for YG, they could've already debuted with another company now. Season one of the show is already long over and the public is about to forget them so what does he expect them to do by just throwing them out like this? So unbelievably irresponsible

Source: Netizenbuzz

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