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2NE1's CL Reveals Details About the Group's Next Album and Her Forthcoming Solo Career

The leader of the K-Pop phenomenon discusses the group's next album, her solo ambitions, and goals that go beyond music

When K-pop girl-group phenomenon 2NE1 came to America in August 2012, the timing seemed a little off. They had just released the single “I Love You” (a domestic smash off the bat that debuted at No. 1 on the K-Pop Hot 100) and promised a Korean album to follow in October. Yet, in late July, the girls embarked on a world tour with stops in both hemispheres. When would there be time to finish an album?

“I Love You” indicated big things to come from the record. They had never sung about the topic of love before and portrayed a vulnerable side that juxtaposed their fierce, feisty style. Yet the album’s plans dissipated with no real news given about the state of 2NE1—until the group’s leader, CL, returned to the U.S. for New York Fashion Week in early February.

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Doubt YG will give her a full album tbh. Also I seriously hope whatever she's planning is not like GD's Mugler track. Puss puss puss?
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