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Hang out with SHINee, Super Junior, and 2PM for YouTube’s ‘A-Pop’ Channel launch

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To celebrate YouTube‘s launch of the ‘A-Pop’ (Asian pop) Channel, where you can enjoy music from your favorite K-pop artists to those from J-Pop and C-Pop as well, a series of Google+ hangouts will be held!

While the hangout is sadly online, fans can actually have a chance to videochat live with the members of SHINee, Super Junior, or 2PM!

The hangout series will kick off in March with the three mentioned artists representing the K-pop category. SHINee will be up first on March 8th, Super Junior will follow on March 10th, and finally 2PM will close off for the K-pop artists on March 13th!

For more information on how to participate, check out the ‘A-Pop’ channel here, and the Google+ page here.

A teaser has also been released on the ‘A-Pop’ channel previewing the artists, and 2PM has recorded a video invite of their own for all the Hottests, so check both out below!

source: allkpop
pic cr: taempo
Tags: 2pm, shinee, super junior

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