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Jackie Chan to produce own K-pop group


Apparently, Jackie Chan isn’t targeting the Korean market just through his new movie!

His Korean management label Jackie Chan Korea revealed that they’re preparing an idol group named ‘Double JC‘ and they will debut in May or June. All members of the group are Korean, and have been trainees for about 8 years. Their debut album is produced by old school hip hop artist Hyun Jin Young, who was trained under Lee Soo Man and happens to be the very first artist of SM Entertainment.

There is no detailed information on the group yet, such as number of members, information on their gender or age. However, Jackie Chan paid a visit to the group while he was in Korea to promote ‘Chinese Zodiac‘. The only hint we have comes from Hyun Jin Young, who said, “They’re very unique. They have an inexplicable charm that’s hard to find in Korea. They’re going to release a Korean and Chinese song and target both Korea and China simultaneously.”

1. [+168, -7] I misread the title and almost shocked myself because I thought Jackie Chan was debuting as an idol;

2. [+105, -2] Sounds like he just wants to slap on a 'Made in Korea' sticker since it's all the rage now and promote the group in China... ㅋ

3. [+102, -6] I thought Jackie Chan was debuting as an idol for a second... There are a lot of idols lately but I'm curious to see what Jackie Chan comes up with

4. [+91, -12] When will idols go away... I hope that the idol generation ends within the next three years

5. [+69, -0] Jackie Chan's a living legend who doesn't need to resort to things like this...

6. [+70, -2] It must look easy to him... If producing an idol group was so easy, why would people like Brave Brothers have failed? Soshi and Super Junior are barely getting by with their fandoms... The public is harshly critical of these things.. At least if Jackie Chan tried to be an idol himself, he could find a niche market..

7. [+61, -4] Hyungnim, don't do it... Idols are on the verge of failure in Korea.

8. [+57, -2] Idols getting popular is harder than picking a star out of the sky these days. He shouldn't have trained those kids for 8 years and just debuted them 4-5 years ago. Would've worked out easier.

9. [+53, -1] It was only a few months ago that he said in an interview how he wasn't familiar with Korean music...

10. [+52, -5] Honestly, the group is going to fail and it's going to fail hard but I really hope they do well... A superstar like him spent 8 years producing a group for a Korean debut.. I'd feel sorry as a Korean if they failed.

11. [+44, -1] Our market's already done with idols...

12. [+34, -4] He doesn't seem to know that our market has reached the point where amazing talents like Park Hyo Shin have filed for bankruptcy while little kids who show off their abs and shake their a$$es a few times are called 'successes'. This momentary success is now coming to an end... The new idol groups don't have any listeners aside from their stupid fangirls and fanboys. They will all be jobless in 2-3 years.

13. [+29, -0] I doubt Jackie Chan is in this for the money.. He probably just wants to share his style of music with Koreans ㅋㅋ I mean, even if he hit jackpot with this group somehow, it wouldn't even compare to the amount of money he has anyway.

Sources: allkpop netizenbuzz tv report via naver (original article and picture)
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