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YGE and GD disappoint the op by setting only 8 as the age rating for GD's upcoming concerts

YG's info on GD's concerts @ Seoul:

Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

The ONE OF KIND in the world, G-DRAGON will be back with his upcoming world tour on March! G-DRAGON made his territory with his music, performance and style in his own direction and now he will step up to the global. Meet the new world of G-DRAGON with his upgraded music, performance and style! Please refer to the below for more information.


♦ Concert Information ♦

- Concert Title : G-DRAGON 2013 WORLD TOUR : ONE OF A KIND

- Artist : G-DRAGON

- Date : March 30 (SAT)2013 6PM and March 31 (SUN) 2013 3PM

- Venue : Olympic Gymnastics Arena

- Ticket Price : VIP 99,000 Won / R 88,000 Won (Additional Tax Included)

- Age Rating : 8 years old and above

- Hosted by YG Entertainment and LIVE NATION

- Sponsorship : Gmarket

♦ Ticket Sale Information ♦

- Ticket : Exclusive at G Market (

- Inquiry Line : 1566-5702

- Ticket Open Date

March 30, 2013 (SAT) 6PM 1st Concert -> March 5, 2013 (TUE) 8PM

March 31, 2013 (SUN) 3PM 2nd Concert -> March 6, 2013 (WED) 8PM

♦ Concert Information ♦

[2013/03/30 (SAT) 6 PM / 31 (SUN) 3 PM – Age Rating : 8 Years old and Above]

Please note that this concert has an age restriction, therefore children below 8 years old cannot have access to the venue. It is possible that an ID check will be conducted at the entrance of the venue, so please make sure to bring a valid ID such as Student ID, Passport, and Driver’s License that can prove audience’s identification. As well, we would like to give you a notice beforehand that without an ID, your entrance to the concert can be restricted.

We would like to express our appreciation of your continuing support and interest.

Thank you

Source: YG-Family @ Facebook

I guess this means that 'She's Gone' and uncensored version of 'That XX' won't be performed. Also say goodbye to anything as sexy as GD's 'Breathe' performance in his 'Shine A Light' concerts or 'She 's Gone' type of visual kei performance for 'Obsession'.

Personally I don't really understand YGE's decision as they could have easily set 19 as rating for one of the dates and 12 for other and still sold out all the tickets. Anyhow, if there is anything sexy or slightly scary in the concert expect another lawsuit as media and that crazy Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affair will be all over this concert trying to find something to complain after 'Shine A Light' case.

Also since the tour is named as 'One Of A Kind' I suspect that there is a very high chance that GD won't be releasing the other half of his album in March after all. SMH.
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