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U-KISS′ Agency Sets Up New Company with an Actor Agency


NH Media, the agency of renowned idol group U-KISS, has set up a joint stock company with Major Entertainment.

According to Hong Jong Gu, head of Major Entertainment, he recently registered the incorporation NH&Major1998 with NH Media rep Kim Nam Hee.

Major Entertainment holds Song Seo Yeon, who has been appearing in KBS′ Cheer Up, Mr. Kim, and Kim Yu Hyun, who recently appeared in the drama Jeon Woochi.

Hong Jong Gu commented, “Major Entertainment has mostly centered its business on managing actors, and with NH Media, which boasts years of experience in album production, the two companies will be able to grow into a general entertainment agency by securing many areas with their expertise.”

He added, “NH&Major1998 will be entering many more areas in entertainment, such as album production, actor management, drama production, concert production and content management. We′ll work hard to cultivate many more skilled rookies in pop culture and also attempt to draw in other stars currently active in the scene.”

Kim Nam Hee is a veteran producer who has produced for such big names as Im Chang Jung, UN, Yang Dong Geun and Paran. Hong Jong Gu has worked with Go Soo and Hwang Soo Jung.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

Source: enewsworld, fuckyeahukiss

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