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Another Day, Another Kim Woo Bin (and some Lee Jong Suk) Post


Note: The gilbakk source link has the original larger sized images
source: DC Kim Woo Bin Gallery via gilbakk

source: gilbakk

Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin for @Star1

Although people were half worried and half anticipating “School 2013” before it started, it ended on a fulfilling note. To descibe the amount of popularity it received as “School Trend” would be an understatement. How do you feel a week after the ending of the drama?

LJS: The biggest concern about being in “School” was the fact that I was in a school uniform for my previous drama as well; I was worried that people will think of me as stuck in the same image. However, once I got into the rhythm of filming, I placed my trust in the director and screenwriter. Every time I act as Go Namsoon, I loved him more, until the end when I even loved his name. I wanted to communicate this affection to the audience.

KWB: I was under a lot of pressure. In the beginning, Heungsoo didn’t have many parts, but as I started receiving the script for the subsequent episodes, I kept asking myself, “What should I do??” I honestly feel that I was able to make it through because Jong Suk was by my side. On the last day of filming, I said this to Jong Suk, “Without you, I could not have come through.”

It is the first time for Lee Jong Suk to be the lead character. The lead character can’t simply focus on his own role. but has to take care of the entire drama, there must have been a lot of stress involved?

LJS: While filming the first and second episodes, I was on the brink of mental breakdown. I couldn’t grasp Namsoon’s character clearly so everything became extra difficult. At that time, Choi Daniel told me that being the lead in a drama means that you can’t just think about yourself but also the people you are acting with. So I picked myself up from my anxiety, and just went to check on the monitors at the end of the day. Of course there are still a lot of things to improve on.

In the drama, it seems like Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin are 100% Go Namsoon and Park Heungsoo. It must be exciting as actors to immerse yourselves into the characters so completely.

LJS: Personally speaking, this is the first time I have thrown myself into a character. Sometimes when the script comes out late, I wonder if I hit all the emotional points, but I am saisfied and contented when I see the final result. I had frustrations over the sheer amount of dialogue, but I feel so much happiness when I act.

KWB: During the celebratory dinner after the drama, I said this to Jong Suk, I still don’t know clearly what it is like to immerse myself in a character, but I simply love Go Namsoon very much. There is a flashback scene that is not in the official broadcast. After Heungsoo was released from the hospital and before he moved, he went to Namsoon’s house. At that time, Namsoon had already moved, and Heungsoo found himself lost in their memories when he sees the few traces Namsoon left behind. The Namsoon in Heungsoo’s mind was reading a comic book and chuckling happily, and when that memory ended, Namsoon faded away… leaving Heungsoo sitting alone in the same space Namsoon was. In that scene, Jong Suk shot his scene first, so he sat there readng comic books, and I just started bawling as I looked on from the side. That was the time I felt that I was truly in Park Heungsoo’s body.

Actors always say that meeting in private is completely different from acting together. Although you two were friends before, are there new feelings that developed through the filming?

LJS: I acted with almost all the actors, but it’s the most natural with Woo Bin. Even when I am not fully prepared before filming, as long as Woo Bin is by my side, I somehow have the confidence that I can do anything. Woo Bin is my bestest partner.

KWB: I was friends with Jong Suk when we were models, and back then I had no special affection for him, but after this drama, I now treasure and trust Jong Suk very much.

How about the cooperation with the other actors?

LJS: We got to know them well before filming even began, so the atmosphere on set was really affectionate, like really going to school together. It actually became uncontrollably noisy, so both the FD and director got angry. (laugh)

After “School 2013”, a lot of fans hope that you two will reunite on screen again, what do you think?

LJS: Even if it not right away, I want to act with Woo Bin again as soon as it is possible.

KWB: On the last day of filming, I said to Jong Suk, “When we have gotten enough experience, let’s meet again in a movie like ‘Berlin’.” We must act together again. I have received so much help from Jong Suk, our cooperation is the best!

Kim Woo Bin for @Star1

The popularity of “School 2013” continues on. I heard that there were 3000 fans at your Busan fansigning.

This is first time I have met fans outside of Seoul, so before I went, I was very worried that no one would come. But once I got to Busan in the afternoon, I heard that the police has been patrolling the security area since morning and lots of fans are lining up. I was so shocked and grateful at the same time, so I felt that I would have to sign for as many fans as possible. I signed round 200 sheets of A4 paper at the hotel I lived, and at the fan-meet site, I tried to shake as many hands and greet as many fans as I could to express my gratitude.

You were both originally models, how did it feel to shoot with Lee Jong Suk today?

It was very fun and natural, and I laughed a lot more than I do while filming other things. Perhaps since we developed a rapport during the filming of the drama, so every time we do things together, the two of us just match really well. It’s a pity that I have another schedule later so the timing is a bit tight, but it was so much fun.

Your dream was to become a model. When did you start to want to become an actor?

My original dream was to be a professor after my career as a model ends. At the time of modelling, I got some CF ads, where I realized that even CFs need acting, so I went to take acting classes. I was completely won over by the acting skills of our coach, and felt the same exhilaration I felt when I first stepped onto the runway as a model. That completely new experience was probably the first time I wanted to be an actor.

When watching your previous works, you have a lot of charisma even for a shot for a few seconds. Your image is usually a bad student with a school uniform.

I am now considering if I should take off the school uniform. (laughs) Even more than now, my choices in roles were not very varied before. It has become better over time, but I had gone to countless auditions before to find projects that I like. That is my obligation as a new actor, and I feel like my acting has not been tested yet — it needs to be tested by different people to be on the right path. If I meet a good project, I am willing to spend sleepless nights preparing for it, no matter what.

No matter in modelling or in acting, you have been very successful. Are you the kind that would do it to the utmost once you have decided to do something?

In whatever job I am doing, I hope to try my best to not leave behind regrets. Regret is inevitable every time, but I work hard to make the regret as small as possible. And once I think of the people who have helped me get the opportunity, I feel that I must work harder to repay them.

When you compare your work in debut drama “White Christmas” to now, there has been a lot of improvement in your acting.

I went through a lot to get that “ok” on set, and the strength of the director and other actors made filming rather difficult. (laugh) But it is because of “White Christmas” that instigated my passion for acting and made me want to learn more about acting. Although I still have a lot of shortcomings now, through the process of hard work and frustrations, my acting seems to have become better.

What was Kim Woo Bin’s high school life like? I heard you were a model student.

I got fifth place in the whole school once when I was in Year 1, but after I fixed my sights on becoming a model, I would study for my dreams while my friends studied for university examinations. My parents support my dream even though they know it is a hard road. Which made me work even harder — going to the gym, doing stretching and posture exercises every few hours at home, I even took jazz and ballet lessons in high school. I would always carry supplements with me to school, chicken breast, hard-boiled eggs, potatoes, sweet potatoes, bananas, etc.

In your life as an actor, what makes you happy and what makes you tired?

When I was filming this drama, I communicated more with my family, and to gain that through my work was a happy moment for me. My favourite sentence is “God only gives people trials they can overcome”, so I try to look at all things from the bright side, I seldom get hurt, so I don’t really recall any particular hard moments. I am a relentlessly positive and assertive person.

You are chosen as the top rising star in 2013, and this may be a very important year of your life. What kind of actor do you want to become?

I want to be a good actor and a good person. My ultimate goal is to be someone who cares about others. When people hear my name, they would say, “Yeah, that guy is a nice guy.” If I can get to the point where I receive these comments, then I would think that I did well. I am now working to achieve this goal.

Lee Jong Suk for @Star1

You’ve become quite thin, I heard that after you filmed “Return to Base”, you started exercising because you admired the bodies of sunbaes Rain and Yoo Jun-sang?

LJS: (Woobin grabbed Jongsuk’s forearm, squeezed it and said, “Oh, you’ve been exercising? Cool!”) Nah, I ended up losing weight instead. Before “School 2013” started filming, I was determined to lost weight, so I lost 4-5kg. But then, during filming, I lost even more weight, mostly due to exhaustion. It got rather scary. During the filming of episode 10, people around me kept asking if I was sick. But I quickly gained all the weight back once filming ended, yet somehow all the fat ends up on the tummy area.

You’ve once said that you wanted to film with a bunch of people of your own age, not long after that you were chosen to be in School 2013.

I didn’t think my wishes would be granted that quickly. My friend Woo Bin was there, and also a lot of actors of similar age, so it all came together very naturally. I hoped that through this work, people can recognize that “Lee Jong Suk is a kid who can act.”

When you were chosen as the lead for “School 2013”, there were mixed responses to the news. You must have been under a lot of stress.

Before filming started, I solemnly told myself that I must act well in this, no matter what. That gave me an immense amount of stress. When I was MC of Inkigayo, there was a lot of criticism my immaturity as an MC; that had caused me to doubt my own acting skills as well. It made me scared. I was stressed during the filming of every single scene, so I had no choice but to try my utmost best to bring Go Namsoon to life. Lately, I have been filming as Junhyung in the movie “The Face Reader”, which means I have to throw away Namsoon and throw myself into Junhyung, but there has not been enough time. During the filming of “School 2013”, I seldom went to film for the movie. My heart and soul went into Namsoon, and almost forgot all about Junhyung. Now I must work hard on Junhyung again, so not to cause trouble or negative influence on the sunbaes working together in the movie.

Which are you more passionate about: movies or television?

Hm, how do I put this… If by ‘passionate’ you mean a selection that is based on my maturity as a performer, then at this time, I am more familiar with television. In the early days of filming “School 2013”, there were three consecutive days when I would be filming “School” during the day and “The Face Reader” during the night. This kind of schedule is rough on the body, but even rougher was the difficulty in switching back and forth between characters. Film and television filming are 180 degrees different, from the production system to lighting to the atmosphere on set. One thing in particular is that in film, there are quite frequent breaks between takes, which makes it harder to maintain a continuity in emotions. On the other hand, it is much easier to do so under the tighter schedule of television, so even though my body is tired, the emotions remain stable and constant. Also, since there are a lot of similarly-aged actors for “School 2013”, acting becomes even easier. in any case, I want to show different sides of myself, no matter in film or other areas.

What do you do when you are overly stressed?

I would just keep eating. I know that it’s a bad habit, but I still go into a binge. Also, and this is really bad behavior, but sometimes I would throw tantrums at my staff members. I know that it is not good even when I am doing it, but somehow that makes me even more irritated, and then it makes it even harder to focus on acting. During those times, my emotions just become very confused, perhaps I really don’t have enough control on my emotional behavior. I have to change it in the new year.

Anything that you have an inferiority complex about?

Personally, I always feel that there is too much blank space on my face. Although others keep telling me that is not the case, but every time I take a picture, I always fear that my face would turn out too big.

Everyone knows that Lee Jong Suk’s ideal type is Lee Nayoung. If it is a project that has Lee Nayoung in it, you are willing to act in it even for a few seconds. Will this dream ever come true?

I love the relaxed and chill aura that Lee Nayoung sunbae carries. If I ever get the chance to act with her, I would agree even if it is the role of a passerby. I am happy even imagining it now. If such an opportunity ever arose, I would be so glad. (laughs)

You receive explosive popularity every time your works come out, probably because you can express a different charismatic side of yourself in each work. What kind of actor do you want to be from now on?

The director of “School 2013” told me, “You gave Namsoon the power he needed, and reached 90% of your full potential in all the integral scenes of Namsoon. But in the scenes where Namsoon is in the background, you don’t put as much effort in, and that is your shortcoming. I think I have a problem with maintaining my focus, so I am working on training my focus and emotional stability. My dream is to hear the words “it had to be Lee Jongsuk [in this role]”, to become an irreplaceable actor.

source: @star1 translated by hitoritabi

130219 SBS E!NEWS (A-Z Interview) You Don't Know About Kim Woobin? If You're Curious, Just Read It~

Q: Alcohol (amount of drink)
KWB: "one and a half of Soju? i think it's fine to drinks that much. people say if drunk i'll become a talkactive person. rather than alcohol i also like to go to drink-party. we can have good conversations there. i want to do that with my friends but i dont have much time nowadays."

Q: Boy (childhood kimwoobin)
KWB: "i think it was first year of junior high school. my dream was become a model and a professor ever-since that time. thanks to my parents who believes and always cheer me on so i can keep my dream until now. altough i reached my dream becoming a model but actually i was a timid kid. studying? when junior high school, i was ranked 5th in school. when senior high school, because i had dream to be a model so rather then study, i read books and watched movies alot. my favorite subject is english. when my 3rd year in senior high school, my homeroom teacher was teaching english so that's why i like english."

Q: Chocolate (Valentine's day chocolate presents?)
KWB: "i dont have a girlfriend so i didnt received chocolate. ah, i've got from the staffs. also from fans, they sent it alot. i haven't go to office so i'm not sure but i heard it's a lot."

Q: Drama (best drama?)
KWB: "when senior high school i read an inspiring book and the movie's out. that was a movie that starring Will Smith 'Pursuit of Happiness'. i was crying when i watched the movie, that's my first movie that i watch. i was really shocked(?) and touched. if i have a chance, i want to play a drama that has family theme. drama? i ended 'school2013' drama not long time ago. that's really fun, wasn't it? (laughs)"

Q: Ex (kim woobin debut era)
KWB: "i'm worried because i didnt have time for my dream, but after i graduated from my high school i debuted immediately. become a model is my dream, so i've been trying to reached it. compared to other models at that time my physic/look was not really good. there are many 9-10 (refer to face sizes). so to look different i've practiced alot in pose and directing. i've practiced walking too nowadays. it's really helpful. and so attractive."

Q: Friendship (friendship with 'school2013' cast?)
KWB: "we're still close. we have our own chat group. you can see 'school2013' cast fellow are beyond relationship. we felt the director is really loves the actors. because director gives us so much love, we can't help it (so they love each other members). members literally working on different work/project, but i want to re-unite again."

Q: Girlfriend (girlfriend?)
KWB: "i broke up with my girlfriend 3-4 years ago. in the meantime, when i was thinking about 'why am i solo/alone?' i had to excuse/calm(?) myself. there's something important than love, like that. i'm lonely for such long time, but nowadays i have not enough time for sleep so that's okay. we have to express many styles to someone we love. if you miss him/her then just say it, also if you love him/her just tell it right."

Q: Hope (childhood dream?)
KWB: "when elementary school i want to be a professor. when i was in elementary school class-4 my homeroom teacher gave me alot interest in ecology, then since that time my dream want to be a biology professor. a professor of biology in Seoul University (HAHA)"

Q: If? (if you have free time?)
KWB: "i have 6~7 people who really close with me, my bestfriends since model activities. before i start shooting drama i met my friends everyday. we eat, excercise, watch a movie, and drink tea together. i want to meet them because i couldn't met those friends for 3~4 months. i'd like to have drink with them."

Q: Joy? (greatest joy that you felt recently?)
KWB: "while shooting 'school2013' i saw good feedbacks. i really like it when received news like 'because of the drama there's a lot conversations among family members'. actually there's a big concern about social problems. my uncle is a reporter so he search news everyday, i read daily life problems from it. suicide, bully, bossy, etc are few school issues that brought up to 'school 2013' synopsis. the story that students really want to talk about."

Q: Kind or Bad? (kim woobin is nice guy? bad guy?)
KWB: "i'm a soft-heart guy. crying a lot. aegyo alot. i did aegyo especially for staffs. when the actors finish their scenes they can get rest but staffs are keeps working. they really working hard. i want to give lil my power to them so i'm joking arround also do aegyo."

Q: Last Day? (if today is the last day?)
KWB: "i'm going to get rid of my money in my bank. money that my mom managed, i've got it since i'm becoming a model. i'll spend that money to things that i want to buy, eat that i want to eat, meet people who i want to meet. person that i want to see the most? my grandmother (from mom side). she really gives me alot of love, but her healthy is not really good recently. i want to see her more these days."

Q: Love? (kim woobin's first love?)
KWB: "i've been thinking alot about my first love. but i didn't know about the criteria. i don't know whether people who i've ever met are my first love or not. with time passes by and meet someone more often, would we have some more feelings? could you introduce someone to me?"

Q: Opportunity? (the greatest opportunity?)
KWB: "when i met Moon Won Joo teacher, my acting teacher. if i'm not meet him i would still have hard time in my financial. i really had a hard time when i can't received my money, the agency that i used to work were lost. Moon Won Joo teacher had same situation like me, he's not received his money. he called me and told me to keep in act class. sometimes he bought me food too. he's my benefactor. really a good man. new year this time i sent a text. i said 'if you're not embarassing, i want to be your student'. i sincerity want to become someone who able to act."

Q: Parents? (parents to kim woobin?)
KWB: "really thankful and great persons. i am an eldest son, i said i want to become a model but till now they keep believing and cheering me on. a person who i respect the most is my father."

Q: Role Model (kim woobin's role model is?)
KWB: "for act my role model is Moon Won Joon teacher, and for life my role model is my father. i want kim woobin to be a good actor like those 2 persons."

Q: Secret? (a secret that you want to revealed?)
KWB: "i dont know. how supposed i say about my secret? rather than my secret, i'll talk about a book called 'secret'. the content of the book is about how we get what we want, i've read it more than 10times. if you want to believe it. make sure you read it too."

Q: Time Machine? (if there is time machine?)
KWB: "i want to go back to my school days. and some more days before my debut. well the more you get harder, more enjoy that you can get. because experience is such a treasure."

Q: Vocal? (kim woobin's vocal skills?)
KWB: "i totally cant sing. i think i can sing one or two song. i'm also not go to karaoke with my friends. (laughs) my favorite song is 'school2013' OST 'dont think you're alone'. i was crying when taking emotional scenes then i heard this song."

Q: Worry? (things that you worry about these days?)
KWB: "next work/project. i'm worrying about it. i want to look better in my next project."

Q: X-File (kim woobin's treasure moments?)
KWB: "first time when i stood at Seoul Collection. my dream has been came true, that was a hope that i really want. be able to act is also great. i think my best moment is now."

Q: You? (if you describe kim woobin?)
KWB: "kim woobin is kim woobin. my real name is kim hyunjoong, kim woobin is just my stage name. i'm on my way to make kim woobin as an actor. i also dont know how far kim woobin can growth as an actor. i want to know about that too."

source: SBS E!News translation by: forwoobin
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