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Lina's Interview in February Issue of Elle Korea 2013

Born in 1984, Lina worked in Korea and overseas as a member of CSJH The Grace before transforming herself in a musical actress. Now, she is surprisingly cast into playing the elegant queen, Munmyeong (Munhee) in KBS1’s historical drama ‘Dream of the Emperor’.

You look very different with your hair and attire (in the drama).
The preparation for shooting ‘Dream of the Emperor’ is very difficult, especially the make-up part. I thought adding volume to my hair would be easier but the stylists who fixed my hair the first time had some difficulty.

You debuted successfully as a musical actress through [Fame], [Youth’s Parade], and this is your first time acting in a drama.
While I can perform as I usually do in a modern setting, a historical drama was struggle because there were many strange (difficult) things I had to learn to capture my role. I had trouble with speaking in slow and low tone.

There is an almost 20-year age gap between you and Soojong Choi who plays your husband in the drama.
I was uncomfortable with him at first, so tried to be polite. But his age in the drama is rather young, so then I decided to face him cheerfully. He is very happy and plays jokes often. We had a bed scene before but during the time I couldn’t feel the age gap. Top stars are certainly very professional.

It looks exciting to film the drama shuttling between the outside and studios.
There are very few chances for me to dress up in traditional Korean costumes so it’s interesting to be able to wear it. I was ordered to gain weight more than 2kg because a fuller face looks better when dressed up in Korean costume. Since then I’ve been filling up to look better for the part.

How is the story (drama) going to be?
Like in the history books, Queen Seonduk will take the throne, Bidam will reappear, and my husband, Kim Chun-Chu, will be the king. We often joke, “Let’s rise to the thrones as soon as possible”, because it’s hard filming for so long.

Would you like to be remembered as a member of CSJH or as Lina?
Since I haven’t worked alone as a singer, there is no greed to do something solely. Acting is the thing that only I have to deal with now, so of course I want to gain recognition as an actress or at least win a prize. However, there is some greed in there too. (I guess) I just want to be a person who keeps working for a long time. I like to ride with the tide.

Source & Initial Translation from isso.tistory.com
Cleaned up translation by... well, me after some extensive re-reading of the actual article. :)

She's so pretty.....

I just--I can't. /sobs

EDIT: "Dream of Emperor" is on KBS World, every Sat&Sun at 9:40pm KST (8:40pm at GMT8+).
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