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Veteran actress Lee Mi Sook loses appeals trial

Lee Mi-sook
, a veteran actress who has been embroiled in a boy-toy scandal, lost an appeals trial in which her former agency filed a damage suit against Lee for breaching her contract.

The Seoul High Court ruled yesterday that Lee should pay 120 million won ($110,604) to her former agency, The Contents Media.
Back in January 2009, The Contents Media filed a lawsuit against Lee demanding 200 million won in damages, claiming that she broke the four-year exclusive contract she signed in 2006.
The agency has been in hot water with the actress over the scandal. It has been alleged that the star was involved in a romantic relationship with a man 17 years her junior, and that the agency had to pay large amounts of money to the young former lover to keep him quiet to keep the affair a secret.
Despite the scandals, Lee continues to pursue her acting career. Currently, she is appearing as the host of JTBC's "Miracle Korea". She has also been cast in a new KBS2 drama which will be aired from March 9.

By Ahn Joo-hee contributing writer
Credits : Korea JoongAng Daiy
Source : Hancinema

HUH @ her ex agency releasing the info about her affair partly to shame on her and win the trial...
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