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Park Shi Hoo's junior is facing lawsuit for sexual assault

Article: [Exclusive] Park Shi Hoo's junior also facing lawsuit for sexual assault
Source: News 1 via Nate

1. [+462, -15] What the hell? So they took turns with her?
2. [+421, -21] Crazy... I'm going to throw up..
3. [+114, -20] Even disgusting ba$tards like Lee Soo Geun come ou on TV just fine while using his wife's disease as an excuse to gain sympathy. Park Shi Hoo can have a threesome and sexual assault controversy under his name but all he needs to do is give the girl a bit of cash and get banned for a few months before we see him out on TV again. Does he think he can use Lee Soo Geun as an example to do whatever he wants? Kick Lee Soo Geun out of TV first and then Park Shi Hoo.
4. [+109, -15] I've only ever heard of people having threesomes through stories.... Who knew that I'd hear it from a popular celebrity~ tsk tsk... Once it's confirmed that the woman isn't lying and the NSCIL confirm that there were drugs in her system, he's bye bye forever~
5. [+89, -11] How is this case going down the similar route to Lee Soo Geun and that manager ba$tard raping one woman together...
6. [+86, -1] Ah what the fu*k, I thought all this time Park Shi Hoo had been bitten by a kkot-baem but he was a trashy ba$tard all along ㅋㅋㅋ Piss off from the small screen forever, you ba$tard

Article: [Exclusive] Park Shi Hoo's junior also facing lawsuit for sexual assault
Source: News 1 via Naver

1. [+346, -10] Whatever the truth is, this will impact his image beyond imagination
2. [+314, -8] How dumb of him, especially after spending so many years as a nobody.. Our country is especially harsh when it comes to sexual assault cases. He should've managed himself better now that he's finally popular. His princely image is completely gone now.
3. [+295, -8] Whether or not it's true, his image is over now...
4. [+252, -5] So they drugged the girl and took turns raping her? Park Shi Hoo wouldn't have............ and anyway, who's the second actor that was with him?
5. [+221, -28] Only release information once when it's all been confirmed. I'm sick of all this witch hunt.
6. [+245, -71] I feel so bad for the girl for being labeled as a kkot-baem when she was sexually assaulted by two men...
7. [+180, -7] She said so herself that there was no way she could have gotten drunk off of two bottles of red soju... Then that means they drugged her... If this all comes out to be true, these two men don't deserve to live
8. [+182, -16] Exactly what was he lacking to have raped a woman?
9. [+162, -5] I, too, thought she was a kkot-baem when this whole thing first came out but the more articles are released, the more I'm starting to lose my trust in him
10. [+157, -9] If it's true, his career is over... Even if it isn't true, his career's still over..

Article: Park Shi Hoo and male celebrity with him face lawsuit 'controversy'
Source: Star News via Nate
1. [+129, -7] Another example of never judging someone just by their outer appearance...
2. [+137, -20] Ah, this absolutely disgusts me... What an utter disappointment... Everyone who called the woman a kkot-baem needs to reflect, seriously...
3. [+119, -10] Aigoo... since it's two people... Doesn't this fall under gang rape?

source : netizenbuzz

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