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Kim Woo Bin for "GEEK" Magazine and More

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FNNews Interview (Rough Translation Warning)

Part 1: “I want people to see me as Park Heungsoo rather than Kim Woobin or Kim Hyunjoong.”

Lately, when a teenage drama is hard to find, ‘School 2013’, part of the ‘School’ Series is reborn after 10 years by bringing up a real school issues. Like scripted on a textbook, starting from Series 1 until Series 4, School series has produced many stars such as Jang Hyuk, Choi Kanghee, Jo Insung, Gong Yoo, Im Soojung and many more. This is resulting in a phenomenon of rookie actors auditioning for ‘School 2013’.

‘School 2013’ has introduced so many fresh-faced actors to viewers, on the other hand, Kim Woobin is a star coming from modeling world whose face already known through dramas and sitcoms. But even so, auditioning is something that he couldn’t avoid.

“When I first received the synopsis, it was directly dealing with the current social issues, so I really liked it. That’s why I went to the ‘meeting’, but it turns out to be an audition. The director’s first sentence is ‘Don’t write any impression (?), put down your script. Introduce yourself.’ I was really flustered. After the audition, I thought ‘This wouldn’t do.’ Usually, the director will ask me what I’m doing, but he only said ‘Your effort seems enough. You can go home.’ after he said that I thought ‘So I really can’t do it.’ But on the next day, the call (informing I passed the audition) came.”

This is how director Lee Minhong fatefully meet Kim Woobin and given him the role ‘Park Heungsoo’. “I’ll make Park Heungsoo become a really cool character.” This is the promise given by the director when he casted Kim Woobin as Park Heungsoo.

While preparing for ‘School 2013’ and despite being chased by the filming schedule since his appearance on the 3rd episode, Kim Woobin looked and found a great amount of articles related to students and current school issues. What’s more nerve-wrecking (?) thing is that he said that he wants anyone who see him saw him as Park Heungsoo rather than Kim Woobin.

“I want people to see me as Park Heungsoo rather than Kim Woobin or Kim Hyunjoong. He (Park Heungsoo) doesn’t have dreams, he doesn’t have friends, and he goes to school just because he had too, he really is a helpless person. That’s why he acts recklessly and become a slowpoke when it comes to things, he even talks slowly too. I want to portray Park Heungsoo by doing that body language and by having that kind of mental state.”

The result is that this current Kim Woobin is not Kim Woobin, but the Kim Woobin whose known as Park Heungsoo. This popularity denies his various nicknames, and even though nickname such as ‘Player Park Heungsoo’ is emerged, he said “It’s a relief that Park Heungsoo is well accepted.” But then he said “I have seen ‘Player Park Heungsoo’. But please don’t give me only such a bad nicknames.. It would be nice to have a good nicknames as well.” Said him while laughing.

Part 2: “Lee Jongsuk and ‘Chemistry’, Thanks to these two, I nailed it.”

‘School 2013’ brought such a big impact not only with its real settings, but also because of the harmony of the actors from Class 2-2 that makes it seems like they are a real classmates, which played a big part of the success of this drama. The production crews are actually bans all of the actors’ managers, stylists, and all other staffs in the shooting location, and in the morning, there will be an attendance call, to create a classroom-like atmosphere.

“At first, it’s hard to do my makeup (because there is no stylist on set), but after kept doing it, it seems like the teamwork is getting better. (?) I really like the atmosphere of the shooting set. During break, we’ll gather around the waiting room or the classroom, and then we’ll talk to each other or go to coffee shop together. Since my friends is there with me, shooting is becoming more fun.”

I guess it’s because of this friendly atmosphere? Kim Woobin’s dream is to be able to have ‘Chemy’ (derived from ‘Chemistry’) with his friend from Park Heungsoo’s broken-friendship, Go Namsoon, whose played by Lee Jongsuk, and even creating a guy-guy couple, this bursts (?) the viewer’s reaction and causing the episodes to be changed from its original synopsis that was released earlier by making both Namsoon and Heungsoo as the center of the story.

To this, he thought “I nailed it. Because originally, Namsoon is the main character before my character’s came. I felt that there are many things that I have to thank him to, and I’m also thankful for the love I received, because without him, I will have no idea what to do.”

Though these two met on this special drama, Kim Woobin and Lee Jongsuk was already friends from before. “On the last shoot, I said to Lee Jongsuk ‘If you’re not here, I won’t be able to make it this far.’ He then said ‘… … …’ Jongsuk is a friend I obtained through ‘School 2013’, and while doing this work, I really fell in love with him.” He said, revealing an extraordinary affection towards his co-star.

a/n: What Jongsuk really say is “다른 걸 떠나 호흡이 너무 잘 맞았던 것 같다”, since I don’t really grasp the meaning of this sentence, I don’t translate it. If anyone knows what it means, please tell me.
source: FNNews translated by deenakahara

Officially requesting a Kim Woo Bin tag please :)!!
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