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MR.MR at Shim Shim Tapa, a Tiny Story, Twitter Updates & More~

Goose's Dream Cover



Sexy dance by Ryu & Doyeon

Full Show w/MYNAME

source: C- Crystal, SURI KIM, mayureshin, @mbcsimsimtapa

MR.MR Tiny Story # 30 Highway Music Video Filming Site - 4

Before the MV group dance filming, Tey-goon & Changjae-goon are checking their appearance in the mirror!

Tey-goon is diligently in the middle of makeup~ Right beside him, ‘what are you looking at like that’ Changjae-goon! And behind, through a humiliating cut, the inevitable smile sticker should be placed to cover leader Jin……

Perfect Tey’s profile!

Leader Jin-goon is also in the middle of having his makeup fixed!

The reason why Doyeon-goon’s shirt is all wet is because of diligently filming the music video!

Men among men, Doyeon-goon & Jin-goon’s flowing back/shoulder line!

Jin-goon who is engrossed with his cell phone.

Oh, it seems maknae Ryu-goon is also engrossed with his cell phone!

Manly Changjae-goon!

With this, the Tiny Stories of the Highway MV filming site have come to an end~~

Please anticipate the next Tiny Story as well!! :)

Do not edit or crop out the logos on these pictures!
source: MR.MR Official Fancafe | Translations: strawberry_efeu@misoandmrmr

What could MR.MR be doing in the music show waiting room? Waiting room transmission! MR.MR Reporter Jin will convey a vivid image!

On the road going to Changwon! The MR.MR members are in the middle of eating MISO’s heartfelt gift of packed lunch! Changjae-goon took the photos~:)

MR.MR @ M!Countdown [130221]

MR.MR Jin & Tey were at the batting cage in the rest area on the way to Changwon yesterday. ~Just one time, let’s practice!

This is cooking man among men MR.MR’s Tey ! He’s in the middle of making spaghetti for the members~ Changjae-goon volunteered for the role of assistant!

MR.MR Tey’s completed autumn squash cream spaghetti!

source: TheMRMRofficial, @thenmMRMR, 2, 3, 4, 5, MnetMcountdown

MR.MR for

Changjae: Hello, this is vocal Changjae who has the image of the good-natured oppa next door.

Ryu: Hello, this is MR.MR’s cute maknae Ryu.

Jin: Hello, this is the leader in MR.MR, Jin.

Tey: Yes, hello, this is MR.MR’s sexy and cute main vocal Tey.

Doyeon: Hello, this is chic and proud Doyeon.

Jin: Our first Japanese interview is with, so the feeling is very different.

Changjae: On our visit, we certainly want to show a cool performance. So, please come to find & MR.MR. Promise?

Tey. Also, MR.MR fans who are in Japan, we want to see you! Please wait for us! This time we will find you!

Jin: Yes, okay then, we should say goodbye, right? Until now, this has been MR.MR! Thank you!

source: kfm9638, rough translations by strawberry_efeu

[Interview] MR.MR: “We will show the capability of all member’s vocal parts”

source: Cookie News via Naver

I'd love to sub the waiting room vid if only I could hear everything in the video;;
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