Alicia (aleash1989) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

Today's Director: Self-Centered Hoon on UKISS ME? EP 7!

Source: sunieesubs

At least Hoon's directing was somewhat better than Kiseop's lol
Which Christmas date if U-Kiss has girlfriend did you like best and least? Romantic Kiseop, sweet Soohyun, shy Eli, direct Hoon (my fave), cute Kevin or young Dongho (least fave)?

Most unsatisfying ending ever! That is until I look up the chart position myself.
I'm on a roll with all my U-Kiss posts this week. Yay! Lots to spazz! Still crazily waiting for more specific info on the comeback though. Where is my info NHM!
Tags: tv shows, u-kiss

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