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A's friend interviewed: what happened the night A met with Park Shi Hoo

A's best friend B was called in for questioning by the police because they wanted to hear what A's normal alcohol tolerance level was and some other info.

B revealed what A had told her had happened that night because she was upset with people calling her friend a kkot-baem.

"A had only met with K, the man who introduced her to Park Shi Hoo, one previous time before the dinner together. K said that he would be inviting Park Shi Hoo to their dinner so she met Park Shi Hoo that night for the very first time.

Although alcohol was ordered, Park Shi Hoo and K did not drink at all and kept encouraging A to drink more. She drank about a bottle of soju, but A is not the type to lose herself over that. She sent a text to her parents after leaving the restaurant that she would be "going home soon", but then A claims that she lost consciousness after getting in the car. She said she felt dizzy, a different feeling from when she normally drank.

When A woke up that next morning, she discovered Park Shi Hoo wearing a condom. K then entered the room and started groping her body, molesting her. K claimed to the media that A had sent him a text the next day acting like nothing had happened, but the actual text A sent him said, 'What am I to do now? What happened last night?'

My friend called me that day crying. She told her parents what had happened and they reported the case to the police. If my friend was out to get his money, would she have reported it so fast the next day? It's ridiculous to me that they are claiming that there was no forcing involved."

A's blood tests and body fluids are currently in the lab being tested for whether she was drugged or not.

1. [+500, -19] She woke up to Park Shi Hoo wearing a condom? Oh my god! That junior is even more ridiculous... he was molesting her?? What did these two men do to her while she was sleeping?? This is getting ridiculous!!!

2. [+373, -15] I'm seriously about to throw up. Even my barf is too much of a waste on these two.

3. [+153, -11] Park Shi Hoo used to say he loved going to clubs. Looks like he only learned the bad things from club goers.

4. [+367, -20] If she had been a real kkot-baem, she would've never went to the police the next day... She would've offered him a deal. I truly hope that they thoroughly investigate everything and that she isn't shafted by the system just because he's a rich celebrity and she's not.

Sources: netizenbuzz tv report via nate
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