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Update and more details on Block B vs. Stardom Ent.


Block B “Hundreds of Millions KRW Unaccounted For” vs Agency “There Is No Credit History”

At the end of the hearing for Block B’s injunction against agency Stardom for the cancellation of their exclusive contract, both sides are in tight conflict and unable to reconcile their differences.

On February 22, 2:00pm, at the Seoul Central District Court, room 358, the second round of interrogation for Block B’s lawsuit against Stardom for the cancellation of their exclusive contract took place.

Parties from Block B and the defendant Stardom did not come to court, but legal representatives from both sides attended and showed sharp oppositions.

Block B’s attorney went first and revealed, “Block B lost trust in the agency that breached the contract. If the lawsuit extends over a long period of time, Block B will receive a lot of damage so they ended up filing for an injunction.”
Their attorney continued, “Even until now, there have been over 20 instances in which the agency did not keep up in their duty of balancing the accounts and the amount is reaching hundreds of millions KRW (about 100,000 USD). They also decided to change the account balancing day on their own, and they only hurried to take care of a part of the accounts after leader Woo Jiho (Zico) send them a certificate of contents. However there are still parts of the payment that have not been calculated. We heard about the account balance daily reports on the agency’s side, but their explanation that some are missing by accident does not make sense.”

They added, “The agency passed on expenses to the members and their parents. Expenses from transportation, wardrobe, food, lessons, hair and makeup, and such should have been paid partially by the agency, but they started notifying the parents of the Applicants and deducting from the profits. That is not all, the cost of flights that should have been paid by the Respondents were also paid by the Applicants.”

“Meanwhile, the members went to CEO Cho Joonghoon (Cho PD) so they could resolve this problem, but he would not meet with them and they eventually had to send in a certification of contents,” said the attorney, explaining the point of the injunction Applicants.

In rebuttal, Stardom’s attorney said, “There are many assertions from the Applicants that are different from the truth. There are also statements of defamation. The agency trained Block B from 2009 to 2011, so it is unreasonable to go in the course of cancelling instead of requesting for correction. There are claims that account balances are missing, but there have been no deposits into any bank accounts that the Respondents manage, so even they have doubts about the situation.”

This attorney brought up the issue of the resignation of agency manager from Stardom. “There are resigned staff who are behind this incident. Along with their resignation they are conspiring with the members and proceeding with this lawsuit. We even have proof. They are appearing to nominally go through legal proceedings, but they have been conspiring since the time they were working at the company,” claimed the attorney.

The judge who heard the argument from both sides concluded the interrogation with, “The Applicants must turn in additional evidence that can be explained. In the case for injunctions, summons for an inquiry of truth are not accepted. Submit a different a means of evidence, and the Respondent will be given the opportunity to submit material that can refute this evidence.”

The results of the injunction filed against Stardom by Block B are planned to be announced in 3 weeks.

Last month on the 3rd, Block B filed an injunction for the cancellation of their exclusive contract through legal representatives from law firm ShinWon. Block B asserted to the court that payments were not calculated from last year April up until close to a year, training facilities and opportunities were not provided, and that there were many instances when they themselves had to make meal and car payments.

Source: OSEN via NATE
Translated By: Youngha@ BLOCKBINTL

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