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SHINee handles live broadcast accident perf-... what accident?

Article: SHINee suffers a live broadcast accident that nobody even discovered... perfect response 'surprising'

1. [+440, -46] Really professional... Without the mic, Jonghyun moved to the center and naturally continued the performance. SHINee's Dream Girl daebak!

2. [+414, -37] SHINee seems to have really great teamwork..

3. [+378, -37] Hul, I really had no idea ㅋㅋ

4. [+152, -8] I know I'm going off topic here but I think the only two groups who are both popular in not only Asia but overseas like Europe and who I'm not embarrassed to put out there are Big Bang and SHINee. I'm not talking down about other groups but there's just nothing embarrassing about them and their live skills are great.

5. [+120, -1] I had to rewind the video on YouTube about five times to even find what had happened because they were so natural ㅋ I noticed Onew kicked the mic in the middle in case his team slipped and hurt themselves on it. SHINee's really amazing.

6. [+108, -1] This is what I'd call professional... Live skills, dancing, accident handling.. all good.

7. [+97, -1] I think this is what separates the professionals from the singers.. To get a response in such an immediate situation like that.

8. [+95, -1] I had no idea while watching the performance until the fans started commenting about it later. Then I saw their professionalism..

9. [+85, -3] SM should be pushing SHINee instead of Super Junior...

10. [+83, -2] I really had no idea!

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Source: TV Daily via Nate and netizenbuzz

"there's just nothing embarrassing about them" .... Taeyang though
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