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2013′s most anticipated rookie band Iconize releases debut single ‘With Iconize’


Gaining much interest before their official debut, rookie idol band Iconize has finally released their debut single ‘With Iconize’.

Their title track “I Am a Very Talented Child‘, was made by the producer of Buzz, Go Suk Young and the song’s mid-tempo beat combined with its personality filled lyrics, creates a fresh, new generation sound.

Watch the ‘concert-style’ music video below.

Their follow up track “Padam Padam” was composed by Buzz’s guitarist Yun Woo Hyun and written by Lim Seo Hyun, the same composer and writer for Buzz’s hit track “Thorn“.

Padam Padam” has a light and sweet melody with cute and bouncy lyrics about an innocent boy’s first love.

Just from “Padam Padam”s audio the group’s talents as musicians is evident.

2013′s most anticipated rookie super band Iconize has now raised anticipation for what kind of performance they will display on stage.


Very impressed by Doo Ryut's voice

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