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"We are suspicious of how A was able to differentiate between rape and molestation"

Articles are in order of events.

Article: Park Shi Hoo's official statement "A's best friend interview was manipulated"
Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+356, -45] He needs to stop hiding behind articles like this and go and get investigated already if he really claims he's innocent. Stop trying to get out of this.
2. [+279, -24] Why is he writing his testimony through articles instead of going in to get investigated? Is the alcohol from that night still left in his system?
3. [+286, -44] Manipulated? How? The CCTV already says it all ㅡㅡ

Article: Park Shi Hoo, A's lab results come back 'clean', a new side to the case opens up?
Source: Newsen via Nate + Naver

1. [+340, -48] Stop postponing the investigations and go in already
2. [+329, -78] Seems like Park Shi Hoo's lawyers have launched their series of attacks. They probably already have plan A and B set already considering the amount of time they're taking up until now...
3. [+85, -11] So are people trying to say that just because she wasn't drugged, it was okay for her to have gotten rapped?
4. [+542, -54] It's true that Park Shi Hoo is under a lot of suspicions considering that he's failed to show up to any of his summons, the interviews given by A's friend, and the CCTV evidence... but I think it's too early to dismiss the possibility of A lying as well. The media will always try to take the most controversial angle on a story since their aim is not to be accurate but to be the first to release it. Let's not hastily rush to conclusions before any final answers are out.
5. [+440, -29] Why is the police leaking information like this?
6. [+438, -60] I didn't expect her to test positive for drugs to begin with... This whole controversy just seems like a ploy to bring Park Shi Hoo down. He's definitely under fault for not managing himself better as a public figure, but personally, I feel like both him and A screwed themselves over with this ㅡ.ㅡ;;
7. [+395, -35] Either way, Park Shi Hoo's image is already in Andromeda

Article: Park Shi Hoo claims "We are suspicious of how A was able to differentiate between rape and molestation when she was supposedly unconscious"
Source: Herald News via Nate + Naver

1. [+156, -32] I knew this would be their next stance. Are they seriously asking someone who got drunk and unconscious how they were able to tell they were raped? Park Shi Hoo failing to comply with three summons and asking for a change in police stations is already telling enough as it is. If he truly, truly is innocent like he claims, he would've gone and gotten investigated the first day the report was filed.
When Jung Woo Sung was embroiled in his own sexual assault controversy, he went in for investigations as soon as the report was in, and it was quickly proven that the other side was running a fraud story.
Every single time Park Shi Hoo changes his lawyers and his law firm, I can hear the gears in his head turning. Claims like this article are the last card that every big law firm deals out when they're stuck in the corner
2. [+141, -22] When the scandal first broke out, he admitted to sleeping with her... but now that he's switched law firms and his lawyer, he's suddenly suspicious of how a drunk woman was able to tell the difference between molestation and rape? Isn't that basically denying his first statement? Such trash...
3. [+40, -2] Reminds me of the Korea University medical school scandal where three students drank with a girl until she blacked out and raped her. Then they started claiming she needed psychological help by passing out fliers at school. Isn't this basically what his law firm is trying to do? How can they even ask how someone who was blacked out to tell the difference between rape and molestation? He's the one that said they had consensual sex himself...

Article: Park Shi Hoo's lawyers "Junior 'K' left Park Shi Hoo's house first"
Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+88, -5] Go and get investigated. Make all the damn claims you want AFTER you get investigated. I don't care what you say when you're not complying with investigations. If you're so confident, go to the police station.
2. [+85, -11] Ba$tard, stop with the media play and stop spreading articles everywhere. Just go to the police station and tell them everything you're telling us. The police will release briefing reports on their own. It's because you haven't been complying with anything for the past 10 days that nobody is even believing you anymore. If you are so innocent, then start acting like it. What's so scary to a man with money and power that you're hiding behind media play like this?
3. [+67, -9] Why is this ba$tard saying crap he should be saying to the police through articles instead? Go to the station and say it there and stop releasing articles. What are you so scared of going in for?

Source : netizenbuzz

I'm surprised at how easy it is for int'l fans to fall for media play...
 I guess Akp served y'all right in the past, unfortunately. Btw, Shi Hoo avoided the police for the second time yesterday, after he said he wouldn't go at 10 am but he would go at 7pm or something like that. Now, he has to go for March 1st.

Also apparently, K is missing.
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