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Kim Seul Gi - Because of You, I’m Awake (feat. Go Kyung Pyo)

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Kim Seul Gi reveals her ideal type is..

Are there any Soompiers watching “My Flower Boy Neighbor”?

Well, you probably are because of various reasons: talented young actors with realistic character writing, production staff’s great attention to detail or indie-feel cinematography. Either way, you’re watching it for some reason. And if you’re just like me, you’ve noticed a side character who unexpectedly stole the show whenever she’s on screen. (True true) And who could this be? This is none other than the emotional webtoon editor who is played by actress Kim Seul Gi.

A little background about the actress. She’s born on October 10, 1991 and is the same age as Girl Generation’s Seohyun, Kara’s Goo Hara, Sistar’s Hyorin and more. She currently attends Seoul Institute of the Arts and also has experience as a musical actress. (Author’s note: Does that mean we can see her singing in the drama?! It fits perfectly with her oddball character.. right?)

Now that we established her acting talents and background, back to her ideal type. On January 27, she posted on her twitter, “I tried to find my ideal type on ‘My Flower Boy neighbor’ and found out it’s Dong Hoon. I li….like it. HAHAHAHHAHHAHHA.”

Inside the pictures, she proudly (?) shows off her ideal type Dong Hoon, who is played by actor Go Kyung Pyo. They are also currently appearing in SNL Korea (Saturday Night Live) together.

And what do netizens think about her ideal type? They commented along the lines of “They will look good together,” “I should play that game too,” and “Is that really a good thing?”

CJMusicLive | soompi | s911010

She's quite beautiful actually.
Can't believe she was born in 91 though..

And I love them <3 <3 (<--spoilers)
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