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This is a Shim Changmin Post


DBSK’s Changmin revealed a list of currently well-known celebrities who could have been part of the SM Entertainment family.

Yesterday’s episode of KBS’s “Moonlight Prince” featured Secret’s Han Sun Hwa and actress Yoo In Na as guests.

During the episode, host Changmin shared that Han Sun Hwa had auditioned for SM Entertainment in the past. He explained, “Other than Han Sun Hwa, there are numerous people who auditioned for our company but ended up signing with another agency, One of them was Goo Hara.”

Changmin added, “Apparently, Won Bin also auditioned. The story has been passed down like a legend, and whenever I hear that story, I think to myself that our company was crazy [to let him go].”

DBSK‘s Changmin gave some dating advice to his junior, Secret‘s Han Sun Hwa, which garnered much attention.

On the episode of “Moonlight Prince” that aired on February 26, the guest stars included Han Sun Hwa and actress Yoo In Na.

During the episode, Han Sun Hwa admitted that she was tired of having to act so mature and adult-like all the time so she even thought about seeking psychological help in the past.

Han Sun Hwa said that she just wanted to act her age. To that, Changmin said, “You’re at the age when you want to date a lot of guys. Dating is good but just make sure your agency doesn’t catch you.”

Then Han Sun Hwa asked, “Have you ever dated?” Then Changmin honestly answered, “If I said I never have, I would be lying.”

But Han Sun Hwa’s case was different. She said that she hasn’t dated since she debuted. She said, “I shouldn’t have appeared on variety shows. Ever since I did, my popularity and my air of mystery all disappeared.”

Meanwhile, Changmin is being swept up in a dating rumor with f(x)‘s Victoria.

Sources: Soompi 1 and 2 (the articles were written based on videos, which you can watch by clicking the links I provided as sources)
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