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Se7en to enlist in the army in MARCH!

On February 27, YG Entertainment announced that Se7en will be enlisting in the army in March to fulfill his two years of mandatory military services. “Se7en will personally share the exact date of enlistment to his fans at his concert.”

Once enlisted, Se7en will serve 21 months as an active duty soldier at a base in Uijeongbu.

Meanwhile, Se7en will be holding one last concert, Thank You on March 9 at the Seoul Center of Education and Culture.

“This will be Se7en’s first concert in Korea since 2007,” said YG Entertainment. “As it is a concert since a long time ago, Se7en has planned a variety of events for fans.”

*This article has be edited on February 27, 2013 at 10:33 PM to correct a factual error and the spelling error of ′receives.′ The concert will take place on March 9, not February 9.


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