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Kum Eung Soo reveals his thoughts on ‘Come to Play’ cancellation

Actor and former ‘Come to Play‘ cast member Kim Eung Soo revealed that even the ‘nation’s MC’ suffered from his moments of melancholy, detailing the last few days of the ill-fated MBC talk program.
As a part of the show’s ‘True Man Show‘ segment, the actor was part of a cast that included not only Yoo Jae Suk, but Jay Park, Kim Won Hee, Eun Ji Won, and Kwon Oh Joong. “When we filmed the final episode, we didn’t know it would be the final episode,” he recalled sadly.
“I was participating in a play in Japan then,” he said. “I briefly went back to Korea to film, but that was the last time. The broadcast was getting more interesting, so it was even more baffling when it was canceled.”

The actor hadn’t received a call from the producers, he said. “I was confused that I found out about the cancellation through the Internet.”
Although the producers apologized later, the shock wouldn’t dissipate easily. “It defies common sense,” Kim Eung Soo said. “Not for us, but more so for the viewers. It’s been receiving love for eight years. How angry were the viewers when they turned on the TV and ‘Come to Play’ wasn’t there anymore? Programs can be canceled and replaced, but this is close to violence. If a program that I loved for eight years was replaced, I would’ve been very angry.”
Kim Eung Soo also mentioned that he holds no grudges against the producers. “What crime have they committed?” he said, directing his anger towards the higher-ups. “A group with that kind of thinking is dangerous.”

“We held a party later,” he continued. “The producer, Shin Jung Soo, said everything was his fault, from the poor ratings to the eventual cancellation, but it wasn’t because of him.”

“Yoo Jae Suk was very shocked as well,” he said. “He was also very sorry towards me. Since the ‘True Man Show’ was a response to the falling ratings, we believed that we needed to wait and watch for one year at least. At the very beginning, we needed time to create a concept. We were beginning to see a path forward and had confidence.”
“He has a very well-anchored frame of mind,” he said. “It was thanks to him that ‘Come to Play’ became so fun. The program had been a part of MBC for eight years. That’s not the way you’re supposed to treat that kind of program.”

Newsen via Nate | Allkpop
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