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Another entertainment CEO arrested for frauding and sexually harrassing trainees

One entertainment company CEO has been arrested by the police for habitually sexually harassing his trainees and stealing their money.

The Gangnam police revealed that company ceo 'A' (29) had allegedly frauded a group of trainees out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and is also under suspicion of sexually harassing them. According to the police, A set up a company in 2010 in several major cities and took in trainees, promising them, "I will debut you within six months."

A had forced them to pay security deposit fees ranging from $3,000 to $10,000 USD to prevent them from switching to other companies and frauded 30 trainees out of a total of $220,000 USD.

He would also routinely ask his female trainees like Park (16) that he needed to check whether they had stomach fat or not and sexually harass them whenever he wanted to.

Last January, Seo (19) had asked for a refund on her security deposit, causing him to lash out at her by striking her with a wooden stick along with verbal profanity, leading her to be hospitalized for three weeks.

A in actuality had no power to debut any of his trainees as singers and never had any intentions of returning their deposits.


1. [+190, -3] I think elementary, junior, and high school students have all caught the celebrity disease. Every single one seems to want to be a celebrity lately, sigh... That man is obviously a fraud but I think the kids that believe men like him and give in to all of his demands like the security deposits are just as problematic as he is. A real company will never ask for your money. These companies exist to train you to make money off of you... Why would they look for that money from you? Please, wake up.

2. [+120, -6] You know what they say is the easiest way to seduce a girl off internet chat rooms? Say you're a PD or an entertainment company director and every single woman you meet will show interest in you, give you their pictures, and hand over their contact info.

3. [+6, -0] I remember reading articles a few weeks ago about some female idol buying an expensive house in Gangnam and other male idols owning businesses in Gangnam.. No wonder all these teens dream of becoming celebrities.

No Cut News via Nate | netizenbuzz
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