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April will tell if Psy will stay a “one hit wonder”


We all know “Gangnam Style” has been overplayed, and it’s no secret that too much of a good thing can lead to its downfall. With ’Jimmy Kimmel Live‘ even reminding everyone of that recently with a parody clip depicting the end of Psy’s career, all eyes are on Psy and how he’ll fare with his new song.

It’s been seven months since “Gangnam Style” first came out, and the singer is still enjoying much success in other parts of the word with the song. He’s still the #1 Most Watched video on YouTube, and he’s still gaining a significant amount of views per day. But even he’s admitted before – the song’s pretty much lived its life. Now’s the time for a new song to come up, and it’s been revealed that the release is scheduled for April!

He’s been hinting at the new song for ages, how it was supposed to have been released in January, but of course kept getting pushed back, which is not surprising considering that he is under YG Entertainment. But it’s finally ready now and currently planned for an April release date.

Composer Yoo Gun Hyung, who also worked on “Gangnam Style”, traveled to Los Angeles to work on the song with the singer, and it’s been completed. Yang Hyun Suk is said to have even given his stamp of approval for the first version of the song, and had added in his own two cents for the 2nd and 3rd edits of the song.

Psy is currently said to be looking for that laugh factor to add into the music video of the new song. He commented previously, “We’ll need to be told that it’s way out of ‘Gangnam Style’s league in terms of funniness, so we’re currently looking for that laugh factor.”

Do you think he can top “Gangnam Style” or do you not see any chance of that happening?

Source: Allkpop, Sports World
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