Alicia (aleash1989) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

U-Kiss 3rd Full Length Album Details!!!

Sources: U-Kiss official Fan Cafe (you have to be a member to view it) @UKISS_intl (the official international a.k.a. English Twitter account of U-Kiss) @rocketboxx (a large international U-Kiss forum)

I was just bemoaning the lack of info, and here (some) of it is! Yay!
So it looks like their doing the same thing they did for the last full length album, Neverland, by having members have duets to fill it out. Where are Dongho and Kiseop's song? I'm hopping it just wasn't mentioned. And I think we all thought the title track was Collage after the last post. lol It's Standing Still. I'm very curious was the MV will look like. Watch NHM surprise us and release it on the 7th.

Am I making too many U-Kiss posts lately? Do people even mind about that?
Tags: comebacks, u-kiss

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