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Among these is MR.MR's story? +a few old videos with subs

MR.MR Ryu: “Pizza Master”-“7 years older”-“Hand smell” in the midst of this is my story?

((The interviews are set up as: some facts that you're supposed to guess true/false, followed by the member's story.))

1. When I was 20 years old I tried chicken feet and intestines for the first time.
=“I tried chicken feet for the first time when I was 20 years old but I’ve liked intestines for for a long time. Although my way was to avoid foods that I thought were scary, I tried intestines for the first time when I was on the way to high school and it was delicious as I expected.”

2. It’s said that I’m a pizza-making master because I can do the process of making 2 pans of pizza (until putting it in the oven) in 1 minute.
=“It’s not 2 pans per 1 minute but I made 1 pan (in that time). It’s possible to make 1 pan at the rate of 40 seconds. In the past I worked part time at Pizza Hut . Because I had a high competitive spirit, I practiced with the intention of being better than the others so that later I could make a pizza in 40 seconds.”


3. I tried dating someone 7 years older than me.
=“I did try it out. During my school days I had a vocal trainer who was greatly impressionable. When she was having a hard time because she broke up with her boyfriend, I dated her in order to console her. Right now I’m single.”

4. In childhood I used to clench my fists to the point where the smell of my hands was so severe that people would avoid me.
=“Although it’s true that I clenched my fists, it wasn’t to the point where people would avoid me because the smell was so severe. My mom told me when I was 4~5 years old not to clench my fists. Because she said that if you gave the palm a sniff, a sour smell would come out. ha ha.”

MR.MR Doyeon: “Breathing through my nose X”-“Drawing contest grand prize”-“Robbers” in the midst of this is my story?

1. I can’t breathe through my nose.
=“Because the nasal inflammation from a sinus infection was so severe, I can’t breathe through the left side of my nose. The right side is fine.”

2. I can’t eat cold noodles.
=“When I was little I really liked cold noodles. Wasn’t I 8 years old when I ate cold noodles and because I had a severe upset stomach, now through that I can’t eat cold noodles well. However, lately if I try to eat it one chopstick-full at a time, it seems to be okay.”

3. When I was in kindergarten, I won the Grand Prize in a children’s drawing contest.
=“In the kindergarten contest I won the first prize. It wasn’t the Grand Prize.”

4. I almost met with disaster at the hands of robbers.
= “In my second year at elementary school, it was Field Day and I went to the house of the hyung who lived next door with the intention of going to school with him. That hyung gave me a puzzle and said ‘Everything’s ready, let’s go’ and then as he was opening the door, two men came inside. That hyung’s mother was overpowered with a knife and we were also dragged in, tied up and extorted. Even now if I have nightmares, I don’t dream of things like ghosts, I dream of robbers.”

MR.MR Changjae: “Racquetball Tournament 3rd Place”-“Ramyun five days a week”-“3 Clubs/Groups” in the midst of these is there an error?

1. When I was a 4th grader in elementary school, I placed 3rd in a national racquetball competition.
=“It wasn’t 3rd place, it was 4th place. I went out for the national racquetball competition and because I lost in the semifinals I played in the 3rd place playoff. During the break time, because a 5th grade hyung came and said ‘Let’s play a quick game’. Since I decided to try to see if I could loosen up my body, my fighting power was exhausted and of course I lost all my strength. Well, just after that practice game, I had to face the 3rd place playoff. So, I was defeated easily.”

2. In middle school, the 3 kind of clubs I went to was above/beyond.
= “I did soccer, basketball, and b-boy clubs. Through the soccer club I went to the borough championship, and through the basketball club I created with my friends I also went to the borough championship and ascended into the top 16. Then in my 2nd year of middle school, until the end I did a b-boy club as well, but it was too many clubs and my body was overloaded. My worries ended when I picked the b-boy club and since then I began dancing in earnest.”


3. During elementary school days, in the Institutions & Customs Section I played the drum.
= “When I was in my fourth year of elementary school, my homeroom teacher accepted an offer to return as the Institutions & Customs section director even though stress caused him to come undone. It was very fun and I worked my hardest. The best members were selected for private after school lessons. Although I knew how to play other instruments, my main instrument was the drum. At that time I also intended to enter a Korean traditional music middle school.

4. Since my third year of middle school I ate two bowls of ramyun more than five times a week.
= “I really like ramyun. Since my third year of middle school I was continuously going to the practice room to dance. After doing it for a while since I was a student I discovered I had no money, so at around 6-7 PM while I was practicing I would eat cup ramyun in addition to triangle kimbap to fill one meal. Eating with my friends in the park like that, it was really delicious. Now the flavor I tasted at that time won’t come out (when I eat). In a week I ate ramyun more than 5 times, to the point where I would eat it for at least one meal a day.”

MR.MR Tey: “2 Ducks”-“4,000,000 Won”-“Children’s Songs Competition” in the midst of this is my story?

1. During my childhood days, I once owned two ducks.
=“It wasn’t 2 ducks but rather 1 duck that I owned. Our house was near Boramae Park, where there were extremely a lot of ducks. My friends and I went there to play when some kids put a duck in a shopping bag. I asked them to “Let go of the duck. It shouldn’t be forced to be trapped.” and because I was moved with pity, I brought it home to raise it.”

2. When I was little I found a wallet containing 4,000,000 Won in the park.
= “When I was going to church, a man sat on a park bench for a moment eating a hamburger from a nearby Lotteria and his wallet fell underneath the bench. I saw it and in it was around 4,000,000 won worth of cash and checks mixed together. I brought it to the police station and when my school found out they gave me a big award.”


3. In my younger days, I received the creative arts grand prize at a competition hosted by the Agricultural Cooperative Association.
=“It wasn’t the grand prize but I did once receive first prize. Because it was the creative arts section, drawing ability wasn’t important, but rather what creative cognition could be seen. Although I drew without any thoughts, I received a prize. I can’t draw well.” (t/n: 창작, which I’ve translated here as creative arts, specifically refers to original creative art)

4. When I was younger, I rampaged nationwide children’s song song competition. (received the majority of the awards)
=“In school and church competitions, I did sweep the awards. However, I couldn’t even reach the nationwide level to try it out.”

MR.MR Jin: “Driver’s License”-“Artillery Military Service”-“Stealing Corn” in the midst of this is my story?

1. When I was a middle school student, I grew 15cm in one year.
= “From elementary school through middle school, I rose to 142 cm. Over the course of three years, every year I grew more than 10cm. However, I never grew more than 12cm.”

2. I haven’t been able to acquire my driver’s license yet.
= “Because I got my driver’s license when I was a high school senior, through this year I will have had it for 7 years. Now it’s almost time to renew it. At that time although I wanted to get a driver’s license, because I was supposed to be preparing for the College of Physical Education entrance exams, I didn’t have time. However, while I was preparing I suffered a leg injury and immediately got my driver’s license.”


3. In the 8th Division, 28th Regiment, I was discharged as a gunner.
= “Although I received an assignment in artillery specialty in the 9th Division, 28th Regiment, when I was a private it was through being assigned as a first class driver. Since only ‘private’ was said, the two were confused.”

4. When I was younger, because of family circumstances there was no money for snacks so I tried stealing corn.
= “When I was young, arcades were the trend. Of course, I wanted to go too, so I asked my mother, “Can I have some allowance?”. She said there was no money. I said “Don’t lie” while opening her purse and I saw there really was not even a bit of money. It was difficult to that level, so of course I couldn’t have snacks. However, my young mind really wanted snacks, so after stealing and boiling some corn, I put it in the freezer to freeze and melted it a bit in sugared water. I remember eating it like that. Although it was a mistake I made when I was young and immature, even now I want to say to the corn field owner, “I’m sorry and I was thankful.”

source: Economy Today, 2, 3, 4, 5 | translations: misoandmrmr, 2, 3, 4, 5


turn on closed captions to see the subtitles~

This article is my first time translating something so long. There are probably mistakes and it's pretty awkward but I did my best. (9*^*)9 Doyeon's interview was my favorite~
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