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Wonder Boys have competition with BROTHER19

'BROTHER19' (Roh Ji Hoon & Eric Nam) to perform “Ma Girl” on 'Birth of a Great Star 3'

'Former "Birth of a Great Star' contestants Roh Ji Hoon and Eric Nam, who have both kicked off their solo debuts, are coming together to collaborate for a performance that should prove to be quite interesting to watch!

Roh Ji Hoon hinted at the upcoming collaboration, sharing on his Twitter, “A cut with Eric Nam hyung… Be excited… Collaboration? Hyung what are we going to do!!!! Ah.”

Well, we now know what’s up as it’s been announced that the two singers will be coming together to perform “Ma Girl“. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? If you guessed SISTAR19, you’re right, since this will be their version of “Ma Boy“!

Eric Nam further confirmed the news and revealed the name of their unit as he replied to Roh Ji Hoon, “With Ji Hoon… Oh my god. What do we do! Let’s do our best! BROTHER19.”

This special collaboration will be aired on ‘Birth of a Great Star 3′s March 1st broadcast at 9:55PM KST, so don’t miss it!

Source: allkpop
Tags: collaboration, nugu, sistar

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