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Park Si Hoo’s fan cafe shoots down rumors of the actor demanding money and gifts from fans

With rumors flying about with various topics on popular online forums becoming reported on by the media, Park Si Hoo has faced many threats to his integrity ever since the rise of his alleged sexual assault against a female trainee. One of those rumors is that Park Si Hoo had demanded money from fans, even disguising himself as one, and that his mother kept a list of items she desired to receive from fans.

The official fan cafe has stepped up to release an official statement on the issue, shooting down all the rumors and expressing disappointment in those who have been spreading snippets out from the posts on the fan cafe, while taking things out of context.

On the topic of the luxury brand name necklace that Park Si Hoo received, the fan cafe stated, “To gift the actor a present for his birthday back in 2012, the fans gathered money, which totaled up to 7,800,000 KRW (approximately $7,200 USD). While considering what to get him for his birthday, we asked the actor and his agency and they had wanted us to just donate it to charity. However, as this particular fund was set up so fans could get him a birthday present, we looked for an item that we could give to the actor, something that the actor would be able to cherish and remember the love of his fans. So while looking for something that would amount to the money collected, we decided on a necklace. It is absolutely not true that the agency and he had requested that we get him a necklace.”

As for the portion about the bank account set up under ‘Park Pyung Ho’, Park Si Hoo’s real name, the fan cafe clarified on the matter. They explained that the fan cafe had initially started a bank account under the name of the administrator of the cafe. However, as the fan cafe grew, in order to more transparently manage the funds, and after receiving a consultation from the bank, the fans and the administrator decided to put down the actor’s name instead to prevent any corruption or controversy within the fan community. The fan cafe commented, “Although we thought that it was a wise decision after putting in a lot of thought, we are very sorry that this actually ended up causing harm to the actor during this difficult time for him.”

Finally, on the subject of Park Si Hoo’s family members, like his mother, keeping a list of items she wants as presents from the fans, the fan cafe commented, “As an actor’s official fan cafe that is filled with fans who cheer on the actor, as the birthday of the actor approaches, the members collect money and through a meeting with the administrator, the present is decided upon, and then delivered to the actor. The presents given to the actor happens only in this way, and there is no ‘present list’ that has been mentioned in the media. It is absolutely not true that the actor’s mother keeps a list, and this is completely defamation of character.”

They further added, “We emphasize this once again, but there has never been any request or demand from the actor and his reps for presents nor money, and all the gifts that have been presented have all occurred under the full negotiation of the members of the fan cafe. So [these rumors in the media] are not only defaming the actor, but also the dignity of the fans as well.”

Source: Kyunghang via Nate and allkpop

I have no clue how the whole process of raising money for gifts goes, but idk maybe you might know.

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