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Park Shi Hoo goes to the police station


Park Si Hoo appeared before the police for the first time since he was first charged for rape 15 days ago.
The actor appeared at the Seobu Police Agency at 10 a.m. on March 1 (KST).

With a calm expression on his face, he told the press gathered in front of the agency that he is "sorry for causing so much concern."
On February 15, Park Si Hoo was sued for rape. The alleged victim, who is an aspiring celebrity, testified that she had a drink with him, and when she woke up, she had been raped.
Park Si Hoo said before walking inside, "I will make clear the truth behind the day′s events through this police investigation."
Park Si Hoo has been at odds with the police as he failed to answer two previous summons for questioning.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min
Credits : Erika Kim on E News World


Text messages exchanged between 'K' and 'A' released, netizens return to kkot-baem finger pointing

Article: Kakao Talk messages between Park Shi Hoo junior K and 'A' released
Source: Korean Ilbo via Naver

Y-Star's 'Live Broadcast Star News' released a portion of the text messages exchanged between K and A on February 15th.

A: "I'm home."
K: "How are you feeling?"
K: "Let's go clubbing later."
A: "Eh ㅋㅋ You said you're going to **Club, right?"

1. [+628, -54] Hul... Those are not text messages that anyone who's just been raped could think of sending. What the!

2. [+529, -43] If those texts are true, that woman is seriously scheming to get him
3. [+488, -46] He's totally been bitten by a kkot-baem... Whatever the truth is, Park Shi Hoo's already lost so much.
4. [+460, -39] I just saw the Y-Star episode. There's more to the texts, I bet Park Shi Hoo is really angry with the turn of events... She texted things like "I'm home" and when K asked if she was feeling okay, she replied, "It's fine, we all had fun"... stuff like that. If she had been really raped, I don't see how she could've sent these texts.. They promised they will release all of the texts at court tomorrow so I guess we'll see...
5. [+393, -24] Why can't they release everything?
6. [+370, -36] From these texts alone, it makes the girl seem like a kkot-baem out for his money..
7. [+318, -22] So it seems like she wasn't shocked at all after getting raped or whatever ㅋㅋㅋ What's going on? She doesn't seem too smart...
8. [+299, -16] The woman seems kind of stupid if she didn't think these texts would've been used against her...
9. [+312, -41] Dammit, I knew she was a kkot-baem all along.
10. [+273, -17] A raped woman sent those texts......... Yeah right.

Source : netizenbuzz
Tags: actor/actress, netizens, scandals, trigger warning

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