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① Plans for the year 2013
② How did you feel when you heard that you'll be having a concert in Tokyo Dome, and a message to your fans

Jun.K♥ ① "Let's live the year of 2013 honestly" → Being honest is the greatest trait in a human being! I'll try my best to be a person that carries a heart that doesn't lie, even to myself... ② It is such an honor!! It is seriously such an honor! I have nothing but a thankful heart towards the fans. 2PM and you, let's have a LIVE concert that will be an everlasting memory!!

Junho♥ ① "To improve my Japanese" → In order to converse with our Japanese fans a lot more deeply, I want to improve my Japanese much, much more! ② Firstly, I had thoughts of the smiles of the fans. And also, I felt so happy that I almost cried. I want to create a LIVE stage where the word "LEGEND" will be engraved at Tokyo Dome!

Taecyeon♥ ① "To be acknowledged~♡" by okat → To be of an existence that will get acknowledged by a lot of people is my goal for this year! ② I couldn't believe it when I first heard the news! And I still can't bring myself to believe it, even now. Since we'll be showing a different side from what you've seen in the Arena Tour, do look forward to the Tokyo Dome concert.

Nichkhun♥ ① "To have a year filled with happiness and good health!! As long as I'm together with you guys~♡" → I thought I'd want this year to be filled with laughter shared with you guys, and so I've written that goal!! ② I felt really nervous, but at the same time, I felt excited. I want to create a fun and hot concert as wide and as big as the Tokyo Dome concert hall will be.

Chansung♥ ① "To understand" → I think it's crucial to always work hard on understanding the different personalities carried by each person. I honestly think that protecting each other can built very trustworthy relationships, regardless if it's in your work circle or in you social life. ② I felt happy. Though it's a huge venue, the path we're walking towards the fan's hearts will never change! Keke

Wooyoung♥ ① "Always be happy and work hard" → I think it's very important to always work hard and always be happy. ② Since it was a stage that we've always been dreaming of, the sentence "Is this a dream!" came up to my mind. Everybody, let's have a hot stage with 2PM, where the whole world will be able to feel its hotness!

riam0107 (JP-KOR), bbiyak25@w2d (KOR-ENG) & neru
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