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Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk's Ceci Interviews + Other Updates

OP Note: Woo Bin is going to Bali for something. Somone on tumblr said he was seen with a female model, so probably some kind of photoshoot?

source: IHQKwonYM @ Twitter

발리가요!! Going to Bali!!
source: hyunjungsh1 @ me2day

Ceci Interview Kim Woo Bin

Q : I heard that your schedule is like a Tsunami.
A : Starting from tomorrow, there are 8~9 interviews scheduled per day. Nowadays, dark circles under my eyes seem to stick like a sticker.

Q : Wow, you’re seriously popular. I grew up watching the ‘School’ drama series so I considered (to watch) the 2013 version, I really concerned and worried if student nowadays really that sensitive and behave like that but I guess it really did happened.
A : There’s some part I want to honestly ask, ‘Can I do this on broadcast?’ As example, Heungsoo’s concluding remarks ‘You bastard’. (CeCi: Heungsoo’s curses such as ‘freaks’ and ‘bastard’ are mixed with English and become catch phrase on the internet.) I saw it. I laughed hard.

Q : What will Heungsoo be if he is grown up?
A : Maybe Heungsoo will be an internet café owner while Namsoon will open a comic bookstore. Doesn’t that suit them? Both will busy playing game and have dark circles just like me now.

Q : What would you like to say if 25 years old Kim Woobin meet 18 years old Park Heungsoo?
A : When younger kids asked for my sign, I’ll always say “Study hard, listen to your parents.” At that age, that’s the best and most needed words. Now I know those words will make your study easier. Because, unlike the study, when it comes to society another things (that) spread out there cannot be done alone.

Q : If you give advice to the teenager Kim Woobin, will he listens to it well?
A : Of course not. Though later on he’ll realize that what the other people told him is actually the right thing. I know a lot of people who were like that (when they’re young). But of course, out of 100 people, there will be at least one person who listens well to other people. That’s why, for that one person’s sake, I’ll still try to do it (giving advice to the younger people). I’ll tell them “When the time has come, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Don’t regret it later on.”

Q : What a good brother. Personally, (I think) your debut role in ‘White Christmas’ which was outrageous Kang Mireu is stronger (leave more impression) than John Kim in ‘To the Beautiful You’, outsider Kim Donghyup in ‘Gentlemen’s Dignity’ and Cabri in ‘Vampire Idol’.
A : It’s not even 6 months since I made my debut as a model but suddenly I got casted. But on the audition, they say that (I must have) learned acting for at least a year. I myself don’t really remember how I can do it (the audition). My mind went blank because of all the pressure. But after it all ended, I felt that acting is really fun and I wanted to know more about acting.

Q : The most difficult thing when you turned actor.
A : Looking into the partner’s eyes is very basic (but) I found it the most difficult (to do). When I had to deliver my emotion and lines (to the partner) and then received those emotion and lines back, at those times I’ll be busy to remember and deliver (all the lines) all by myself.

Q : The strength of model turned actor such as Kim Yeonggwang, Lee Soohyuk, Sung Joon, Hong Jonghyun and others from ‘White Christmas’ was great.
A : They are a great help (to me). Even now, we often hang out together. When we meet, we’ll talk about our work and the things that we’re worried about. We understand each other because our position (problems) is similar. We might not look like it, but we’re not really good at having fun, we also don’t really talk about girls. We’re (all) surprisingly serious (person), aren’t we? Ah! (When we’re together) we do play music. Because Hyuksoo hyung (Lee Soohyuk) is a qualified DJ, we always went to places where we can play music.

Q : What is your agenda (schedule) for now?
A : I’m still in discussion about what work should I choose next. I’ve been asking (to other people) ‘What if I choose this kind of work?’ and received advices (about it).

Q : I’ve heard rumor about your next role.
A : It’s not official yet, so I’ll pass this question. (Laugh)

Q : In each drama (you’ve acted in), you’ve gradually grown into a fine (actor). What is your point an as actor in each drama?
A : In ‘White Christmas’ I acted with that kind of feeling, where I really wanted to understand everything about acting. In sitcom ‘Vampire Idol’, due to its genre, it feels like I (learned) how to do improvisation (in acting). In ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’, through the seniors, I learned how to treat my juniors later on when I have one. For example, the great senior Jang Donggun offered me “Want to take a look at our lines (together)?” (Hearing he said that), I felt that my difficulties and tensions has been reduced greatly. From my position as his junior, it’s a thing that I felt really grateful for. I wanted to be that kind of senior. In ‘To The Beautiful You’ I was shooting (for my character) in exactly one week. I felt really tired, but I couldn’t sleep, so I lost around 5kg (of my weight). But instead of losing strength, perhaps I’m adapting to it instead.

Q : (Talking about your acting experience) of course we can’t missed ‘School 2013’.
A : All of the actors believed in the directors, and the directors were also believed in the actors. We’ll asked them (the directors) if we have troubles (in our roles), then they’ll say “How about doing it this way?” to show us variety ways to find the answer regarding our problems. Thanks to that, I can overcome all of troubles I had in mind. (CeCi: So they (the directors) are good examples (to the actors) then.) I also learned how to love in School. I think I wouldn’t be able to forget about it (School 2013). (CeCi: What kind of love? People are asking about Namsoon and Heungsoo’s love line.) I gained friends with both Namsoon and Lee Jongsuk. Jongsuk and I were already friends back then, but it’s not in the level where I love him. I remembered when we were shooting a particular scene where I will immediately cry just because I saw Jongsuk’s face. It turns out to be the scene people likes the most.

Q : It’s fascinating that a youth drama didn’t have love line.
A : That’s why I love it more (because it doesn’t have a love line). I graduated (high school) only 5 years ago, so I can understand quite well the issue that occurred in schools back then and nowadays. So this drama, with its realistic storyline is trying to help a little in finding the solution and hoping that it would be helpful (in reality). From this (point), we’re actually worried that if we try to create a little love line, it would interfere the original (plot).

Q : I’m impressed when you said you want to be a good person in an interview. To you, what is a good person?
A : Someone who is considerate to others, someone who is trying to understand (others). I lowered myself in front of people, I want to learn to believe. I felt that I’ve become a good person is when I’m in situation where I had to faced other people. When other people said “What kind of person Kim Woobin is?” and I heard answer like “Oh, he’s a good person. He’s also a good actor.” It means (to me) that I’ve lived a good life and people also seen me living a good life. I often think about it that way.

Q : The public is giving you this cool (tough) guy’s mature (charm), so your bright eye-smile is not quite matched with your tough outer image. Is there any other twisted charms that you had?
A : I’m quite different compared to my other fellow actors whose all pretty flowery guys, I’m more to the unique-looking actor. (CeCi: Unique looking?) On the internet, I saw an article that analyzed why Kim Woobin resembles a dinosaur. Other people will have their inner side of eyes wider (than the outer side), but my eyes’ tail is curved and widen to the outer side, that’s why (people said I looked like dinosaur). Even when I see it myself, I do think I look a little bit like dinosaur. My parents, my CEO, and I myself do (think that Kim Woobin resembles a dinosaur). But since my looks quite well-matched with the current (looks) of this generation, that’s why I’m glad to be able to act.

Q : There will be White Day in two months, what are your charms as a boyfriend?
A : I’m more to a caring boyfriend type. (CeCi: I’m sorry, but you seems like a tough guy whose very blunt and outspoken.) I might look like it, but I’m not. To the person I like, I’ll talk a lot and goof around a lot. I also got a good sense of humor, and I have a lot of aegyo. (CeCi: Which type are you, falling in love on your first met, or falling in love with the person you’ve known for a long time?) I’ve been fallen in love in both way. In love, I’m looking for someone who has similar personality as mine, I’m still quite young to find one.

Q : Lastly, name 3 things that are important to kept in mind in order to keep your love to last long.
A : Trust, consideration, and understanding. (CeCi: So you yourself already had these 3 qualifications?) Ei, how am I supposed to know that. The other person is the one who should know whether I have it or not.

Ceci Interview Lee Jong Suk

Ceci: After participating in sitcom “High Kick 3”, Lee Jong Sukput on the school uniform for a second time in “School 2013”, and it still fits him very well.

LJS: Actually, since I also play a rebellious student in my past work, I was a bit hesitant. I also worry if my image would get lost among the very strong sunbaes that participated in the past series

Ceci: It must be quite stressful to be a part of famous series dramas?

LJS: In the beginning, I was quite scared because of the stress. At first, the director wants me to be like Jang Hyuk sunbaenim, and even my very presence would exude justice and charisma. But I know that I can’t do that at all. Just when I was caught in confusion for my position, I saw this child who was separate from the world, Namsoon (Lee Jong Suk’s role). He learned about the world too early, and cares for nothing. In the beginning, rather than saying I got into character, I was learning from my character — he is like air, without particular strength. I would also go to the monitor rooms and learn a lot from rewatching the shots. Also, I learned from the advice of the directors Lee Min Hong and Lee In-Buk.

(Ceci: Same as Kim Woo Bin, you speak of the help from the directors a lot.)

They are really wonderful. Before we started shooting, he said to me, “Your era is coming”, which made me very touched. That’s why I swore I had to throw myself into the script. Later, I heard that the director said the same thing to the other actors. (laughs)

Ceci: That is a leadership quality that can conquer hearts. Do you remember the moment when you felt the role fit you like clothes?

LJS: In Episode 2, there is a scene where I read the poem “Small Flower” and when I said the lines “beautiful when looked upon closely, lovely when looked at for long, you are the same”, the character which was previously vague suddenly took shape in my heart. It was like Namsoon had suddenly possessed my body and I realized for the first time, “Ah! This is what it feels like to be at one with your character!” It felt like shedding a layer of skin and miraculously growing all of a sudden.

Ceci: As a person who had graduated from the school uniform five years ago, which parts of the character resonates with you? It is probably different from the perspective of the audience.

LJS: I started being a model when I was in high school, so my working life began relatively early. Rather than searching out my dream, it was more important to discover how to realize my dream. Which is to say, while my friends would fight over console games and stuff, I would find all that very childish. I would even think, “I’m different from all of you.” Playing with hyungs all the time, sometimes I couldn’t even get to school on time. Looking back now, that kind of “little-adult” behavior is so stupid, I wonder why I did it that way. If I get to go back to school, I’ll probably be like Namsoon.

Ceci: Probably since there are similarities, you can act as him so well. Due to your performance, Namsoon has received a lot of discussion recently.

LJS: That’s why I love this character a lot. Whenever I think of Namsoon, there is all these feeling that I can’t quite put into words.

Ceci: Your popularity is so high that there are even scandals.

LJS: Yeah, thanks to the popularity. I was only going for a trip after the drama ended. My brother planned a trip to Japan and my schedule was open right at that point so I went with him. It was originally for four days and three nights, but I had to come back a day early due to the scandal… It’s such a pity.

Ceci: It’s because you are the trend these days. Are there any other misunderstandings that happened?

LJS: On the contrary, it seems like some misunderstandings were cleared up. Before, I had taken part in sitcoms and MC positions, and people were doubtful about my abilities as a real actor, since I have never been in a straight drama before. I was very worried about that.

Ceci: What is the most memorable comment you have gotten lately?

LJS: I saw it written on a blog, “Lee Jong Suk is Go Namsoon”, and when I saw that, I was so delighted. I represents that my heart has been accept bu the audience. This is the best praise.

Ceci: When you look in the mirror, what part of yourself are you most assured about?

LJS: Although my looks are on the ordinary side, I think this has become an advantage now.

(Ceci: You said you look ordinary?)

LJS: When I wake up and look in the mirror, the scenes that is to be shot today would appear before my eyes. From my perspective, my face looks different in different conditions everyday. My face in the beginning of the series looks very different from the face in the end. It’s good if the face can change according to the changes in the character. With an ordinary face, there are very little obstacles no matter what role you take. I hope I am that kind of blank drawing paper.

Ceci: The tear mole below your eye is very charismatic.

LJS: Tear moles are supposed to be bad, but I’m very happy with mine.

Ceci: Your acting partner in “School” revealed that you are a “especially mischievous person who loves to prank others”.

LJS: I have been mischievous for quite some time now, a lot of people would tell me, “Stop it!” I have always been the kind of person who likes skinship, and does a lot of aegyo.

(Ceci: Then please give hugs to all the staff members after filming.)

LJS: Of course, I felt that I was very manly, but would hear from others that I am actually full of aegyo.

Ceci: I admire your natural aegyo.

LJS: Honestly, I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Ceci: You cannot buy aegyo with money nor learn it from books. Therefore, you must thank your genes. Do you have anything you want to reveal about him?

LJS: For example, when doing a two-shot of our faces, he would push me closer to the camera to make his face seem smaller. Yup, that’s all I’ll reveal for now.

Ceci: Also, he says in an interview with us, he feels very happy and contented because of your existence.

LJS: I feel the same way. When I said, “What I gave up is not school, but you, you bastard!” When I said this line, I started bawling, I could not control my emotions. We were friends before shooting this drama, and after going through all these emotions together, it’s like we are friends emerging together from a battlefield.

(Ceci: Everytime you have a scene toegether, both of you would have red eyes.)

LJS: There is really just one crying scene written in the script, but our emotions just explode every time we see each other.

Ceci: Last time, we did a friend interview with you and ZE:A’s Kwanghee. Did he not express his jealousy?

LJS: Kwanghee is also close with Woo Bin, since they appeared in “Vampire Idol” together. When we were filming school, he would call Woo Bin right after he calls me. Hehe. (Ceci: A reminder to not forget him?) Exactly. So I said to him, “Aigoo, you’re so cute!”

Ceci: Last time, when we did an interview, Kwanghee said you gave him a lot of romance advice.

LJS: I’m good at listening to other’s stories, and good at giving advice.

Ceci: When Lee Jong Suk is in a relationship, he must be very cute because of all his natural aegyo. Today’s concept is, “I went to my boyfriend’s house to play”. Try imagining your girlfriend coming to your house to play.

LJS: My ideal romance type for a long time now has been Junyoung and Jiho in “The World That They Live In. Reading comic books in the room, when they hear a song on the television, they would dance together, roll around on the floor and then hold each other tightly. When they clean up the house, he would carry her on his back and joke around. I dream of the kind of simple love where you meld into each other’s lives day by day.

Ceci: Since you are so fond of romance, would you prepare a lot of surprises in your relationships?

I’m not really that assertive of a guy, what should I do? I remember once I prepared tuna riceballs from early in the morning, packed it into a lunchbox and went to the school out of the blue. I gave the lunchbox to the girl with both hands, then immediately turned and went home. That is a surprise that I really spent effort preparing for.

Ceci: How would you confess your feelings?

LJS: “Shall we be together?”, “How about let’s go out together?”… it would be too embarrassing, I can’t say it.

(Ceci: Eh, there would be no anniversary days?)

LJS: I am just shy… what can I do?

Ceci: Would you feel moved by certain actions or certain scenes by the opposite sex?

LJS: I like people who I can talk to. Sometimes I will change my opinion of a person just because of some words said without prior thought. I used to like girls with long hair, but recently, I feel that short hair is also fine. I also like a plainer image without too much accessorizing.

Ceci: I hear that you are currently filming “The Face Reader”. With a cast that includes Song Kwang-ho, Lee Jong-jae, Kim Hye-soo, Baek Hyun-jik, Jo Jong-suk, it is like a period drama version of “The Thieves”.

LJS: It started filming back at 15th September. It is planned to be released in Chuseok of this year. The cast doesn’t need to be mentioned, and the script is really very fast-paced and interesting. Recently, I feel like I can learn a lot even during breaks from the sunbaes, so I am very happy.
Sources: CeCi Magazine March 2013 Issue, Translators for Kim Woo Bin: deenakahara and jihahaho, Translator for Lee Jong Suk: hitoritabi
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