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Park Ki Woong <3

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T/N: My Korean is not the best, so I paraphrase (a lot…haha). Also, I am only translating the sections I thought were interesting.

Q: The filming of your movie “Secretly, Greatly” must be at its height now?

A: Yes, lately I have been in the middle of important filming, so I am a little out of it, but thankfully, I have no filming today.

Q: What kind of film is it?

A: It’s about people brought up as spies in North Korea. The story is about the sufferings of a fool, guitarist, etc. while living in South Korea as a spy. Here, I am pretending to be a guitarist and I take on the role of Lee Haerang. This splendid haircut is because of Lee Hearang.

Q: No matter who sees it, that is an idol hairstyle.

A: Right? Actually, I have done splashy hair colors before, so this time wasn’t a problem, but the maintenance of it is really hard. Because I have to maintain it during filming, I have to keep dying it and the hair setting also takes a long time. I only want to say to other younger actors, “Don’t be afraid of this kind of makeup.” It is a hard job, but you definitely gain confidence. Do justice to that character and make it memorable.

Q: After your drama “Gaksital,” people are saying you are really great actor.

A: I am embarrassed. To be honest, I am really happy. Anyone in one’s own turf (area of passion), for the sake of receiving recognition, will work harder. Of course, I am not saying that I have received praise from everyone. (Smiles).

Q: In “Gaksital,” you totally changed your personality. That must have been difficult.

A: It was difficult. It wasn’t just me though, Joo Won did so similarly. While thinking it would be only during the filming scenes, if I acted, it was constantly difficult and when immersing myself in that character, I became a little different as time passed. Whatever changing feelings I had, I naturally expressed those feelings myself.

Q: It seems you do well in whatever role you take on. Has there every been a time when you thought, “I don’t have the confidence for something like this yet”?

A: I can’t think of anything in particular. It’s not that I have confidence in everything I do. Rather, if I don’t have the confidence, I think the opposite—that I should become even better. Whatever role I take on, through my method of working hard to prepare for it, I think I shouldn’t avoid anything. Of course, on the screen, that judgement is not mine but the audience’s.

Q: What is it like living as an actor in your 20’s?

A: If I think about it now, I have thoughts that I am extremely young, but if I compare myself to my peer group of actors, I have done a lot of films. In the time when I am in the midst of the peak of filming, I think, “For what am I doing this work?” In whatever role I do, I have thoughts that another actor could do it and about who I actually am. I have had great doubts. Even then, one by one, those things are all memories. Now, it is my acting that I most enjoy and immerse myself in. Looking back, I think I worked hard.

Q: What about a girlfriend?

A: I have not had a girlfriend for some time now. But, I am not lonely. I also don’t have any thoughts that I should have to work hard for whoever I will meet. I don’t know if someone I will naturally fall in love with will appear, but up to now, it has not occurred.

Q: How do you like to spend your private time?

A: I tend to think that it is important to have alone time. Because I like exercise, I am also participating in a basketball and soccer team. I don’t have any special daily activity.

Q: Are you the kind who enjoys drinking, singing and dancing?

A: I don’t like becoming boisterous when drinking. There are times when I drink alone at home, and I often go to take out tents with my friends. Mostly, I like my quiet time.

Q: The time for you to enter the military service is approaching. You are a bit on the late side.

A: It’s not easy, and because I was working, I have naturally become late. Truthfully, 2-3 years ago, I thought I would enter, but the people around me told me to wait a little bit longer. I think ultimately that was a good thing.

Q: It’s not easy, right? In any case, this is the time when interest in you has converged.

A: I was asked if I had any worries that my popularity will fall, but I don’t have any thoughts like that now. After I am discharged from the military and from now on, I should work hard. So, please continue to give me your support. (Smile)

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I don't know why I thought he'd already done his military service. That means he'll have to go very soon T_T
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