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[Rumor Mill] Sex tapes, church dates, acts of betrayal, and a new 2013 couple

1. It hadn't been that long since celebrity couple A and B revealed that they were dating before they broke up. The reason for the break up is said to be because of a 'certain video'. B used to live with an official in her agency before she began dating A, but once they started their relationship, she left her company to be with him until B discovered a video that she had recorded with the official she lived with. Although the rest of the industry doesn't know for sure whether a video really does exist, we believe that it did play a big part in their break up.

2. There are a lot of celebrities who are using the church as a secret date location. G and H, hot rising stars in the industry today, are also one such couple. G is a Christian while H is Catholic and the two got to know each other after their debut thanks to their religions and shared interests. Instead of going out on dates together, they're said to spend their time worshiping at church. Whether or not they're really a couple will only be known by God, right?

3. Mid-level rookie actress F is on the chopping block for a severe act of betrayal. She's been getting popular lately thanks to her recent drama, but it seems it's all gone to her head, as she decided to kick her agency to the curb despite her CEO supporting her rookie career for the past seven years. The CEO was so upset with her decision that he was even said to have thought of suicide. The CEO had focused all of his efforts on training her and pushing her career that he doesn't have any other star in the company to take her place. Despite knowing the situation she's put him in, F started dating a member of a mafia and sent him over to the CEO's office to demand that she be released from her contract.

4. There has been an increase in the amount of voices of concern over the arrogant attitudes of child actors. The majority of the child actors working in the industry today are said to be so disrespectful that they won't even greet any of their seniors they meet aside from the leading actors they star with. Senior actors who don't have important roles are completely ignored by these little kids. What's more ridiculous is that their mothers, who are often also their managers, teach them to act in such a manner so that they get behind the right line with the right people for their careers. Child actress C is currently receiving much praise and love for her acting and is well on her way to writing a new page of history for the Korean movie industry with her latest film, but fortunately she's an exception to the rest of her peers, as she's said to be an absolute doll when it comes to manners. Child actors should look up to fellow peers like her instead of top star actors if they want a long running career.

5. Following suit with the reveal of the Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung couple, there is said to be one more top star couple to be born in 2013. Actress A who is currently starring in a highly popular drama is said to be dating top actor B. Among industry officials, some say that they have spotted A getting out of B's luxury car.

Actress D, a leading role in another drama, is also said to be dating castmate C, as many report to have spotted them acting highly affectionate on the set. C is often spotted joking about not wanting to go home presumably because he enjoys staying on set with D so much.

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