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Kim Woo Bin Confirmed to Appear in Film "Friends 2"

Actor Kim Woo Bin is set to appear as Jang Dong Gun's son this time.

Kim Woo Bin recently confirmed appearance in the upcoming film Friends 2, directed by Kwak Kyung Taek. The film Friends 2 is a sequel to the original 2001 film Friends and will portray the lives of mob gangsters across two time periods and the story of three men from different generations.

Not only will the film be directed once more by Kwak Kyung Taek, the original director for Friends, but Yoo Oh Sung who also starred in the first film is also cast as a main character.

Kim Woo Bin will play Seong Hoon, the son of Dong Su (played by Jang Dong Gun). Seong Hoon is the hidden son of Dong Su who had been killed by Joon Suk (Yoo Oh Sung), and will be the center of all kinds of incidents that occur after meeting Joon Suk in prison.

If Joo Jin Mo, who will play the father of Joon Suk, represents the gangster from 1963, Kim Woo Bin would play a new type of gangster from 2013, and will show a different appeal from the 80's gangster shown in Friends to entertain the audience.

Kim Woo Bin said, "I've watched the film Friends over 10 times because it's one of my favorites. I've memorized all the lines from the main characters as well as the supporting roles. When I heard that Friends is to be produced, my heart pounded just at the words 'Kwak Kyung Taek Director' and 'Friends 2.' I'm very happy and excited that I've been offered the opportunity to appear on the film."

He continued, "Of course there is the pressure that this is the sequel of Friends but I have the utmost faith in the director and as a new actor will participate in this film to learn little by little from the senior actors. I'm preparing for the role with excitement and hope that you too will be excited."

Kim Woo Bin, who will debut on theatre screen through Friends 2 is planning to continue modeling through runways and various fashion magazines as well as answering numerous offers for acting on screen in 2013.

Friends 2 plans to complete casting soon and start filming in the next month.

source: TV Daily News
translated by tempestdance

I know you can't read this but this is what you find when you type in Friends 2 on Naver. T_T

I'm really proud of him for coming this far (even though I'm still skeptical about the film itself). I hope he does well!!

source: DCInside Kim Woo Bin Gallery

Friends 2 is not the official title. I guess it could be better to change it?
I find it funny that he bullied for money from Jang Dong Gun in Gentleman's Dignity and now he's playing the son hahahaha.
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