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Busker Busker signs with new label

Busker Busker has finally found a label to call home!

After the trio won ‘Superstar K3‘ in 2011, the group had an incredibly successful year in 2012, topping the charts with “Cherry Blossom Ending” and sweeping many rookie awards. Even through all that, Busker Busker had never really had a label to call home.

But last month, the group finally signed with a new label called ‘Chung Chun Music‘, meaning they’ll finally be having more promotions! Chung Chun Music said, “We recently signed Busker Busker and we’re now one family. We’re going to take in input from the members and also have solo activities. We respect Busker Busker’s passion and we’re going to support them so they can continue to create wonderful music.

The group has been suffering from a lot of rumors because of their lengthy hiatus, but it shouldn’t be too long before they release a new album. The presence of a label will apparently have almost no effect on the trio – Jang Bum Joon will still be focusing on making music while Brad and Kim Hyung Tae will also be focusing on their music. The management will only come in when they ask for their support. Chung Chun Music said, “The members do their music promotions freely, so we are going to only manage them when they want us too.”

Hopefully, the trio will comeback soon with amazing music!

source: akp

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